Smart Plan price increase without notice!

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Smart Plan price increase without notice!

Price of Smart Plan increased by $5 per month with no notice. The increase just appeared on my bill. Is it general policy to raise prices on services without notice? Or just for older plans that are no longer offered?

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Re: Smart Plan price increase without notice!

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There were some old plans that were adjusted not too long ago. The change was applied to all of these plans directly and everyone touched by that was notified directly on the bill : 


As a long-time customer, we value your loyalty and strive to deliver best in class mobile
experiences to you every day. To support ongoing service upgrades that help us
consistently deliver the best possible product experience, we periodically need to adjust
the pricing of our plans. As a result, the amount of your monthly service fee for the mobile
number listed before this message will be increasing by $5 on the date of your first bill
on or after June 1, 2018. Your mobile plan continues to offer great value and is only
available to long-time customers like you. All other aspects of your mobile service will
remain the same. This change is made in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code. If you
wish to respond to this notice or have any questions, concerns or wish to modify, cancel or
enhance your services, please refer to the Contact Us section of this bill. Thank you.


Feel free to contact us if you want to have a look at options for a different plan or anything Smiley

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Re: Smart Plan price increase without notice!

Not all plans were raised, only some older plans had to be reevaluated and adjusted based on the cost and market situation amongst other factors. 


That's doublespeak, and you know it. What exactly are those "cost and market situations among other factors."


Why not clearly spell something out.


For example: "That $15 plan was initially offered in 2008 would be $21 in today's money due to inflation, so we adjusted the price to $20"


Perhaps the reason the reason isn't explained is because the motivating factor is simple... padding profit, perhaps?

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