Should I renew contract or just buy out S4?

Should I renew contract or just buy out S4?

Should I renew contract or just buy out S4?

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Should I renew contract or just buy out S4?

Ok here's the thing... I might move back to Asia in 2 years time and the locked phones fido & rogers give out don't work outside of NA... no matter how u unlock it. I tried with the iphone 4 just a month ago.


My 3 year contract ends in october of this year with Fido.


I want to get the best deal and best plan... I don't mind switching carriers since Bell & Rogers work the same anyways.


I have $100.00 in fido dollars.. is that any useful here?


My question is... should I renew contract with fido, or call bell and rogers and have them provide me with better pricings? 


If I wish to bring my phone back to Asia, I can't get the contract phone from Canada carriers then... correct?




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where in asia?

my fido(samsung S4) is locked when i came to philippines for vacation i asked a shop to unlock it and put a local sim card. and it works as well as my kids iphone.

i don't know which part of asia you want to stay.

S4 or almost any samsung can be unlock any where. even at any kiosk in the mall here in montreal could do it in 30 minutes max.

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Nexus 4 is offered on a 2 year contract with Fido. It only costs you $ 100.00 .  The reason why I recommend you this  phone are :-


1 It is factory unlocked. Take it anywhere in the world.

2. It has the latest 4.2 operating system.

3. This phone is not over hyped  as S4 so the pricing is moderate.

4. U can sign up for any smart price plans.

5. You can sell off the phone in Asia and still make money.

6. You can upgrade to a Nexus 4 right away as you are eligible to upgrade to a new phone  and enter a new agreement with them right. No penalties for that.



If you are loaded with cash plz. ignore all my above recommendations and buy a S4 from a SAmsung store in Asia. This way you will get the device unlocked.

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I agree. Unlocked phones should work in asia, or anywhere that have a spectrum that s4 supports (basically everywhere now)

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go for the tab option, it's a lot easier to leave with that if you want to, and if you end up staying, you save on the phone. 

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My unlocked rogers iPhone works fine in with local SIMs China, Japan and Taiwan, and of course with my NA Fido SIM.

How did you get yours unlocked?