Shattered screen

Shattered screen

Shattered screen

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Shattered screen

the other day my iphone6 fell, & the top right corner completely shattered to the point where now the screen is crumbling off, i immediately called you guys and was told that i would probably have to pay 200$. If i pay every month 10$ for insurance for this why would my phone not be covered? its kinda ridiculous considering ive had the phone for less than a year and have a 2 year contract, by the end of my contract i would have payed 240$ for coverage that apparently doesn't cover **bleep**. Not only that, but i also contacted apple, and they told me that my carrier should have offered me applecare+, the day that they sold it to me. WHICH THEY DIDNT. i would have gladly payed extra to have my phone "Extra insured". Now, im gonna go into fido tomorrow and figure out what the heck is going on because im not paying 200$ for a possible new phone that actually may be refurbished.



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Hey @monicaaaobregon


Thanks for reaching out about this! It's so sad for your phone, it happened to me 2 times so I can feel your pain. 


When you first get the Fido device protection, we send you a brochure with the details of the service. There's a replacement fee depending on the phone you have. I understand that it seems like a lot, but it still ends up being cheaper than paying out your phone and getting a new one that's for sure. 


As for Applecare, there's also a replacement fee if you want to get a new device through them. Each service has it's advantages. 


I have the device protection. The first time I broke my phone I got the screen repaired at the Apple store, the second time I got a replacement through Asurion and it went pretty smoothly. 


Having a broken screen is never fun and I definitely understand where you're coming from! 



Hi @monicaaaobregon


This is not something new when people pay for phone insurance because the sales person do not tell you that if you ever make a claim you will have to pay a $200 deductible to get the phone replaced. You would have received paperwork for the insurance and it will be in there unfortunately you agreed to it and there is nothing that can be done about that $200 because its in the hands of the insurance company not Fido even though you are paying it to Fido but the insurance company just uses Fido invoicing to collect the money.