Service Fee Isn't Waived

Service Fee Isn't Waived

Service Fee Isn't Waived

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Service Fee Isn't Waived



I'm a new user to Fido. I attempted to buy the phone and service online. I went through the steps until I wasn't able to go past a credit check. There was no avoiding the pop up telling me I had to call Fido in order to continue the transaction. After setting it up with the representive, I was told that the setup service service would be waived as I attempted to purchase it online in the first place. I have a received an e-mail saying that I will be billed the $40 setup fee. Can this situation be looked at? Maybe revert back to the phone call made? There are a lot of cases and accounts out there but I hope this doesn't slip through the cracks.


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Joseph Roth


Hey @JosephRoth


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I'm sorry to read you had issues ordering online. I'll send you a PM so we can take  a look at this together.

Talk to you soon!