Serious Text Lag issues with my LG G3

Serious Text Lag issues with my LG G3

Serious Text Lag issues with my LG G3

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Serious Text Lag issues with my LG G3

after about a week of using my new LG phone i started noticing that text messages are taking extremely long to send... i did some basic troubleshooting like reseting the phone and trying other messaging apps other then the default.  The issue seems to come and go... one moment texts will be sending instantly, and the next minute im in lag city.  Just last night however i came to realize that the lag is affecting in coming texts because my friend who was sitting at the same table as me texted me and i never recieved it till today...  any help would be much appreciated....




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Having the same problem with my G3. Worked flawlessly for a year but now having same problem. Sometimes texts go right away and others sending forever.....what gives????

Hey @ashirton1,


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Does the issue happen all the time? Sometimes it happens due to different apps on the phone. I would suggest restoring your phone as a last resort to check if it helps. Make sure to save your important files however. 

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Hey PoPNFresh


Have you tried using your SIM card in a different phone? This will determine whether the issue lies with your SIM card or with the device itself.


Also, is this happening in a specific area or no matter where you are?


Let me know Smiley 

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sorry about the late reply... but i have tried my sim in another phone, and it seems to be working corrrectly.  Also this is my second LG G3 and the first one seemed to work flawlessly... unfortunatly that was stolen from me and this one is my replacement.  Fido is unaware of any network issues that may be causing this and ive contacted LG and the suggest bringing it in to fido to have sent in for repair.  


Hey PoPNFresh!


How's the text messaging going? 

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hi, sorry again with the late reply....  


anyways i decided to send the phone for repair on may 3rd.  staff at the store told me it would be about 10 days before ill have it back... Just yesterday i got a call and they said it has been fixed....  I was excited becasue i was forced to use a old Blackberry as a temp and since older models use BIS compression i just thought id switch to a compressed data package for the short time.  But after contacting fido i was told they dont offer Blackberry plans anylonger.  so i was forced to go with out data for three days but amyways i got the phone back last night.  Right off the bat, i noticed the phone has been wiped no biggy, but my Fido My Account app, has been replaced by a rogers one... 


at that point i connected to my home wifi and installed the fido app as well as a few basic apps i use regularly and then i started to text people to see how it responded.  It was then i quickly realized all the Access Point Names were erased, so i filled those in.   And for the most part the texts would send instantly....  that being said i was not able to connect manualy to any available networks.  It would only connect automaticly.  i texted my friend who was with rogers, works perfect, i texted my friend who was with telus, works perfect,  i texted my girlfriend who is with Bell.... says sent but she never received it.  she has tried sending me countless messages since last night (as instructed over FB) all the while nothing coming to my phone.  And now just this morning i was making plans to sell my BBQ to some one and i logged the first lag on my end of a text being sent at 12:52pm..... it only  lagged for about 35 secconds but before it would only lag a little bit but snowballed into much longer lag times.


I hope the factory just didnt wipe my phone like the fido store tried to do before i stoped them before they actually sent it out. I had to explain to her that have already tried factory reseting my phone at least half a dozen times durring troubleshooting.


I will continue to log and report my findings as i discover them....  

Hi PoPNFresh,


Thank you for sending us and update on your text messaging situation. It's also great that you were able to get your phone sooner than expected Smiley


If you have any more concerns about your phone, don't hesitate to let us know Smiley



- Kenny






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Hi there,


i've the same problem now. My text messages take for ever to be sent. What should I do?

Hey Babi.


Have you tried to reboot your phone and see if you have the same issue?

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I have the same problem.. Wish I had read this before i got this phone. I am using other messaging app, such as whatsapp and viber to communicate with my contacts. Fido tech support over the phone was useless and told me to change the SIM, and wanted to charge me for it, but with a little resistance they agree to waive the fee. I have the phone for 9 months now and I am sure this issue existed from the day I picked up the phone.


It takes 10 days for a repair service and their loaner phone is horrible.. I am just afraid that they will factory reset the phone and send it back to me (talking from previous experience with another phone). I have tried factory reset already and the issue hasn't been fixed. I have also noticed lately that the phone also start heating up when I use the regular text service.. and battery drains in a few minutes


Is there a fix for this? This issue is so annoying


Please help!!!!

Hey vibh!


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Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your text messages  Sad 


If you put your SIM card in another phone, do you experience the same delays?


- FidoSamantha

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Thanks for the quick response.. The new SIM works perfectly in my old nexus 5 with no issues...



Thanks for confirming vibh!


Did you send it out for repair before?

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The phone has never been sent for repair... As I have expressed my concern that they will just keep the phone for 10 days and simply do a factory reset, which I have done already. I know for a fact it is not a software issue..


My previous repairs has been very disappointing with other phones... 

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Hey vibh,


I understand you don't want to send the phone for repairs but that will be the best option at this moment. You can always get a loaner phone with a $50 deposit which will be return to you after the return of the loaner phone.


You can also save the information that you need before sending it for repairs. The manufacturer will take a look at your phone to see what's going on but they will most likely do a factory reset first. You can click here to see the closest store near you. Smiley

I definitely agree PoPNFresh Smiley 


If you're still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, taking it in for repair would be the next step since the issue does not lie with your SIM card or account. 


Keep us posted!