Second line transfer or cancelation

Second line transfer or cancelation

Second line transfer or cancelation

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Second line transfer or cancelation

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My fiancee and I just had a really bad split. I opened a second line for him to use and he has not been making his payments for his line. He has racked up our phone bill to such a ridiculous amount. How do I transfer that line to his name or cancel it without me taking the hit?

I have been paying my fees from my own line but he hasn't please help me. 




Hello @Jasmiine,


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Sorry to hear about your current situation.


Like @FidoAlyson said you can transfer the line to his name and all you would have to do is call Fido and let them know and give them his info then you would need to have him call to give authorisation to complete the transfer.


If he does not want to take responsibility for the line and not take it over then you will have to pay the amount that is currently owed since you are the account holder. If you cancel and you are in a contract you will also need to pay off the balance owing for the subsidy you got if you got a phone from Fido.


I hope everything works out for you.

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Hey @Jasmiine,

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Sorry about what happened, that's really not cool.

It's possible to transfer the line under your ex's name however we need his authorization to open an account and take over the line.

If you were to go the other way and disconnect it, the subsidy charge back of the phone applies(if you had an agreement on the line)


I'll send you a PM so we can discuss this in details together!

Talk soon.