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Watch out for a scam text message pretending to be fido.
Stating that fido is giving a credit through an e-transfer.
Don't fall for it



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Thanks so much for your feedback! if anyone else would like to share, we invite you to check out our Thread for reporting SMS spam.


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I just received one saying:

Our system mistakenly overcharged your Fido account. We apologize for any inconvenient. To complete the refund, follow the instructions on the link below; http:// / 780.html


There should be a way for the companies to ban the numbers sending this kind of texts.

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There should be a way for the companies to ban the numbers sending this kind of texts...

  I understand the frustration in receiving SPAM SMS. However, it's very difficult to ban or block the numbers sending the texts. The people responsible for sending the SPAM often use spoofed numbers. If companies block the numbers being used, they might inadvertently ban innocent numbers. In addition, since they use spoofed numbers, the number of possible senders is practically limitless. Companies cannot realistically ban all of those possible numbers.


**edit** Even when one of the links gets blocked, they just alter it to bypass the SMS filter!**


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Thanks for reporting this!


You can forward it to us to help prevent these kinds of spam by sending it to the number 7726 (SPAM).


For more info see here.