Samsung S7 -Gear VR

Samsung S7 -Gear VR

Samsung S7 -Gear VR

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Samsung S7 -Gear VR


Last Friday, I went to a Fido store to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7 and was told by the rep that if I had reserved the phone before it came out I would have gotten the Gear VR for free. My initial thought was "that’s too bad" but then the rep tells me that if I call Fido and order the phone by phone the Gear VR would be included for free. So I called Fido customer service and the agent on the phone confirmed that indeed if I order through them the Gear VR is free, however the phone would have to be shipped and that would take 3 to 7 business days. Decided that waiting 3-7 business days would be worth getting the Gear Vr for free, I went ahead with the order by phone/customer service. A few days go by and I had still not received a confirmation email so I decided to call back. Something "went wrong" with the order and it had not been placed, so the next agent went ahead and ordered the phone, confirming the Gear Vr would be included for free (third Fido employee to confirm this...) All excited that the phone was delivered today I open the shipment to find that there is no Gear VR. Give customer service a call, explain the issue and agent who says she needs to check the “notes on file” and needs to put me on hold for 2 mins. I end up waiting 30mins! And the agent never got back. Then decide to call back. New agent says that this promo only applied for reservations …

Now you have understand the numerous customer service failures here. Initial agent brought this up themselves. I was going to buy the phone without ever knowing about this promo but they brought it up, getting me excited for a situation that turned out to be very frustrating and a huge waste of time. Two different agents confirmed what the first rep said about the Gear VR being free if ordered through customer service, one of them screws up the transaction resulting in me having to call back. When I call back, I end up having to stay on the phone for over 50 mins, on hold for close to 40 mins, only to be told that there is no promo. I didn’t ask for this promo, I was told about it. If the conversations are recoded I really would like someone to listen to them. Not sure if it was poor training, unethical salesmanship or flat out lies.


Terrible experience



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I've got a very similar story.  I preordered the S7 edge from Fido, being told I would receive the VR headset.  When I went to pick up the phone I was told that I would receive a call when the VR headset came in... that was FOUR MONTHS ago now; I've been back to the store three times being told they're on backorder still.  I just called the store again, and I was told that everyone has received their gear headsets, and if I was on the list I would have been called.  I was then told if there is a problem I have to contact customer support.  When I contacted customer support now they're telling me I need to talk to the store.  WTH is going on here? 


To be honest I'm getting really frustrated here getting the run around, and after ten years of being a faithful fido supporter and promoter, I'm considering finding another provider!



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You should of received of a SMS already informing you of the delay if you we're eligible for it. If you didn't get the notifications, then the headset was out of stock. Again the promotion was only available until quantity lasted. I'm sorry if there was confusion on this. 


We don't want to see you leave, i'll send you a PM to check out what happened. Smiley

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Sorry to hear you were giving the wrong information on the Gear VR. The only way to get it was to reserve the phone on the Fido reservation system after purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. 

It was odd that you were placed on hold for so long as well. The agent should get back to you almost immediately once the rep had the info. 


I'll send you a PM to check out what happened so this issue doesn't happen again.

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"The only way to get it was to reserve the phone on the Fido reservation system after purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. "


That is not clear. 


After purchasing the phone I had to reserve? This kind of communication is what leads to these situations. 


Apologies dont take away the frustration for all the time wasted because of this usless transaction. 

I would like to return the phone. Do I have to advise Fido or can I just mail it back with the labels that were included in the box. 

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Really, as a 10+ years Fido customer, I am thinking about transfer to the other provider now.


I am so unsatisfied with the sitution.

I pre ordered the S7 and renewed the plan. But when I went to store to pick up the S7, VR headset didn't come yet.

They said I need to wait up to 7 days.


Now already 10 days, no any update information from Fido.

I used live chat to talk to customer service, they said they couldn't find the status about the VR, I need to talk to store.

The store said we didn't receive anything yet, we will call you when it comes, and we have not any further information of when it will come.

They even cannot confirmed my VR is not shipped yet.


I am not sure is there any one has same situation like me.

If you have any information, please let me know.




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For my case, I had issues reserving with fido so I ended up going to my nearest Costco and reserved there. My phone and vr glasses were waiting for me the day of official release. However, I've heard that some people will have to wait an extra 2-4 weeks for the delivery of their vr glasses. Some have said delivery to store while others say delivery right to your house. I would say after 4 weeks if nothing then go inquire further. I know not much help. But it's a bit more information for you.

@illusion87 Thanks for adding that info Smiley


Hey @Figer and thank you for using the Community.


I really hate to see that you're having that type of experience. 


This is all based on the stock available from the manufacturer. I'm sure that you will get your device really soon.


We certainly don't want to see you leave Fido.


I would be happy to contact the store for you in order to have more information about this.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. Talk to you soon Smiley