Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Connectivity Issues

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Connectivity Issues

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Connectivity Issues

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Connectivity Issues



I've had my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for about 2 weeks now and everything seemed fine for the first week.

The 2nd week I noticed that my 4G/LTE drops and I'm left with just the full signal bars. When this happens I lose all data and phone connections. I cannot place a call, text, or go onto the internet. In order to solve this I've been restarting the phone and it seems to work for a few hours and then does the same thing. (Quicker fix is to reset network settings). Although restarting the phone and resetting network settings makes the phone work, it is only a temporary fix and I don't believe I should be doing this that often.

I've already replaced the sim card today for $10.50 hoping it was just the sim. It worked for a few hours longer and now it is doing the same thing.


To Fido,

Is there currently an issue with the network?






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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Connectivity Issues

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Hey everyone,


The Android 7.0 update is now live for the S7 & S7 Edge.


Along with Nougat, this update includes a fix for the connectivity issues reported in this thread. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to flag this and provide your examples. 


Please let us know how it goes!


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I am facing same issue with my Samsung S7 edge. It worked for 2 weeks and suddenly stopped working. I tried all the below options with no luck.


1. Replaced the new Fido sim card.

2. Tried factory reset.

3. Tried with all these options WCDMA/GSM, WCDMA, GSM only (Offcource rebooted the mobile on every changes).

4. My Fido sim card works on other mobile.

5. This mobile has Android 7.0.


Please let me know if there is some way to fix it.



Hey @kannainfo


Thank you for these updates. You mentioned it was working well for 2 weeks, is this when you did your OS update? Did you notice any improvements following the update?

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It doesn't help as I stated. Is there any other setting that needs to be corrected/updated?

Thank you for clarifying @kannainfo


It would seem that you already covered all the required steps that you can do on the phone, I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look on our end. 

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Hello Fido,

I dont even care if the problem is fixed or not. I paid $30/month for my data since I got this contract and I wasnt be able to use it. So if you really care about your customers pay that money back. 

I am done with you guys after this contract. PS. Your customer service sucks

Hi @navidso


I'm sad to see that you feel that way. Sad We'd hate to see you go. I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at your account.


Talk to you soon!

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so how do we update?   

Hi @Mosdef!


Power on your Samsung S7 Edge.
Tap on Menu and then select Settings.
Go towards About Phone.
Select Software version (or system update).
From there you will be able to search for a new update.

If an update is available, you'll have the option to download and install it from there. Make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network and to backup your information first Smiley 



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I am a bit upset, but not at all surprised, that Fido has known about this issue for such a long time and continues to play stupid about it. Why have all Fido staff and answers reps not been informed that the S7 has this perplexing issue and there is no known fix? I've been told its my SIM card for sure, but that didn't help. Has anyone tried turning VoLTE off? That's the only reason I can think of that losing data connection would prevent me from making a phone call. I used to keep the data off on my G3 all the time and never HD any problem calling. I just turned my VoLTE off so we will see.

Oh well, I've been educated now that this is a well known Rogers/Fido wide network issue so I'll have some ammo next time I call Fido answers.

I need to recieved shift call outs by text message at all hours of the day, so this problem is literally ruining my livelihood. When is nougat coming out?

I'm not surprised that Rogers/Fido has conspired to ACTIVELY COVER UP this issue. They have contracts with Samsung after all and are only acting in self interest for profit like any good capitalist would so. I'm just very, very disappointed that a service provider that I have so far had a great experience would put me in a position like this willingly. Obviously everyone at Fido doesn't know about the extent of this issue. But I'm sure enough people do that you would be disgusted if you found out the extent of the COVER UP.

Ok I'm done ranting now. Hopefully turning of stupid VoLTE helps, but seriously fido you have to fix this, or rush to get nougat out, and stop lying to me about what's wrong to my phone because I'm not stupid ok? I can construct a basic search string in Google and follow a link from a web forum of your parent company where tons of people are complaining about exactly the same issue for almost a year to this forum, which basically has an indentical thread.

Yeah, so I'm no dummy Fido! Don't treat me like one. Go hand your faceless corporate head in shame now ok? If you were just open with me from the beginning this never would of happened because I would have just waited to upgrade my phone or sprung for a pixel or something.

Ok I'm done now.

Hey @tactic666,


Welcome to the Community.


I assure you that we want to be as transparent as possible. We are giving you as much information as we have and go through the regular troubleshooting steps that we need to follow in order to figure out the issue. 


We do recommend to turn off VoLTE.


Can you keep us posted on how that works for you?

Hey everyone,


The Android 7.0 update is now live for the S7 & S7 Edge.


Along with Nougat, this update includes a fix for the connectivity issues reported in this thread. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to flag this and provide your examples. 


Please let us know how it goes!


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I was glad to see there was an update to the phone because the day I got notified of the update I lost connectivity numerous times. I hope this is the end of our troubles. This should be sent out to Samsung S7 owners through an email or letter. This is big news!

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My wife is seeing the same issue on her Samsung Galaxy S7 as well. We switched over to Fido during the $40 for 4G promotion period. Prior to switching, she never had any issue with her phone. However, after switching, she noticed that her contacts started having trouble reaching her. Her S7 would drop off the network and incoming calls would be directed to her voicemail. The only fix is by restarting her phone. She does not have VoLTE enabled and the SIM works fine with her older Nexus 5. We spoke with a couple of representatives at Samsung about this issue. According to them, it seems to be a known issue with Rogers/Fido network. I am curious, has anyone who reported this issue ever had it resolved? 😕

Hi @SasamiAdachi & welcome to the Community!


Do you know if this occurs when she's connected to LTE, and if so, has she tried disabling LTE to see if there's a difference?


Let me know. Smiley

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I am thinking about the moment when I decided to buy this crappiest phone (Samsung S7 edge) ever and stay with FIDO. It keeps dropping network same as everyone else. I used to love Samsung as I have been using S5 for a while so I decided to buy S7 edge in July 2016 but there hasn't been a day when it didn't give me trouble. I have sent it 6th time to get it fixed but doubt it will be fixed. I was very much surprised with FIDO as they are not doing anything to get this issue resolved with Samsung. FIDO told me a couple of months ago that they have opened the ticket but failed to resolve this ongoing issue. It clearly effecting multiple customers of FIDO but they don't give a **bleep** as everyone is stuck with them for 2 years. It has been almost 6 months since I bought this device and after 6 more months my manufacture warranty will be finished and then I have to pay Samsung to get this faulty device fixed which has never worked from day one (what a way to make money for Samsung and FIDO). I have been paying FIDO for the device which I am not even using and I could get this device now on $0 plus some vouchers whereas I paid $200 + for this non functioning device plus I could have saved $200+ on BOYD until now.


Very unhappy and unsatisfied customer of FIDO and Samsung.

Hey @gill4455!


Thanks for reaching out!


I can imagine how frustrating that kind of situation can be! 


I know how important it is to have a working phone. 


By curiosity, have you sent your Samsung S7 for repair to Samsung (through Fido) 6 times now?


Have you spoken to Samsung about the issues you've experienced?


We're here to help out, any way we can!

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Thanks for replying to my post, yes I did call Samsung and FIDO after sending it 4th time to get it fixed. Samsung asked me to keep sending it for repair and FIDO supervisor told me he can't do much (but FIDO can keep taking full money though). So I am stuck with FIDO and this non functioning device for 2 years unless miraculously it gets repaired or replaced with working device until then all I can do is pray and keep paying FIDO.

I see! Thanks for clarifying. 


Now that you've sent it in for repair once more, it'd be best to wait the phone return, before moving forward. 


If you continue to experience issues with it afterwards, I'd suggest to get back in touch with us so we can go over your options together. 


Did you speak to a Samsung customer service agent, about the issues you've been experiencing with the phone?


Are you using another phone, in the meantime?




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I hope it get fixed this time or else I will contact you guys. My 2nd line is also due for an upgrade and I know which phone not to get.


I did tell the Samsung customer agent about the issue I am facing, they opened the ticket and gave the ticket number but advised me to keep sending device to get it fixed. 


Luckily I still have my S5, which I have been using it.

Glad to hear you have a working phone at the moment Smiley


I've got my fingers crossed that the phone comes back soon, and repaired of course!


I'd suggest testing it out, as soon as you get it back.


When it's sent back, they should also be able to inform you on what's been done on the phone (in terms of repair). 


Thanks for keeping us posted!