Samosa Sandwich

Samosa Sandwich

Samosa Sandwich

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Samosa Sandwich

Everyone loves Samosa's - Make a samosa sandwitch --- Yummy Smiley - Mumbai Style




8 slices bread

8 tsp butter

4 tsp garlic green chutney or green chutney

4 slices of cheese

4 samosas

1 medium sized onion, peeled and cut into thin slices

1 small capsicum, deseeded and thinly sliced

4 1/2 tsp butter for greasing and cooking

2 tsp butter

Tomato ketchup

Chili sauce/ green chutney



  • Place 2 bread slices on a clean, dry surface, apply ½ tsp of butter and ½ tsp of green chutney on each slice.


  • Flatten a samosa, place it on one buttered-chutney bread slice.


  • Arrange 2 onion slices, 2 capsicum slices and 1 slice of cheese on the samosa


  • Cover it with another slice of bread, with the buttered side facing downwards and press it lightly. Spread ¼ tsp of butter evenly over the bread slice.


  • Grease a sandwich toaster on both the sides (or use a frying pan) using ½ tsp of butter.

  • Place the sandwich in the sandwich toaster and cook on medium, till it turns brown and crisp from both the sides.


  • Cut into 4 equal pieces using a sharp knife, place it on a plate and apply ½ tsp of butter evenly over it.


  • Repeat steps to make 3 more sandwiches.


  • Serve immediately with tomato ketchup and green chutney.


How to make Green Chutney:

Rinse the coriander leaves well in water and roughly chop them. Take the chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chilies & ginger, lemon juice and salt in a small blender jar. Add 1 or 2 tsp water and grind to a smooth chutney