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I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


- Friday January 4th 2019, I have contacted you to order a third line on my account and thus get an Iphone for my daughter. Her Birthday is on January 10th.
I spent more than one hour with Leanna in order to get my daughter her phone with the best conditions. At the end, I have been told that $149 plus $30 of charges + Taxes, will be taken on my NEXT Invoice, not the one I had of $152.67.
I was very happy, I had nothing to pay yet, Leanna and apparently her boss promised me!
I just needed to wait for Monday (Today) or Tuesday (Tomorrow) to get the phone.
I was so happy that when I received a survey from you, I highly complimented Leanna in the document.

- Sunday January 6th, at noon, I received a phone call, don't get her name, in English, she told me that "finally the $149 should be charged on my Credit Card" and she needed to update my new credit card. Once she got all the new numbers, she assured me that nothing would interfere with the reception of my daughter's Iphone / still Monday or Tuesday, I did not have to worry. The only thing I should have known is that these $149 will be taken from my Credit Card. Not an issue, I had the money to pay!

- This morning, Monday January 7th, I received a phone call from a gentleman from the "payment department" saying that my payment did not work. I called him back at noon, and we realized that my credit card was not activated, so you could not get the money. Still ok, I paid you with my credit Card from France. I started to be really upset when he told me that I could not receive my phone by the end of the week!!!!!
Because it takes you a lot of time, to re-activate the whole process!!!
I complained to him, but I was at work, so I needed to go back to work (I teach French Immersion) and I asked him that I wanted a supervisor to call me back right after 3pm, because:
    1) I should have known that on Friday, instead of hearing that everything was super fine!
    2) I should have known that on Sunday, when she took my new numbers from my new credit card.
    3) I should have received a phone call earlier, like on Sunday, right after the call, instead of Monday morning!

- The nicest thing I realized is when I saw that the $149 have been taken on my January invoice !!!!! WOW !!!!

Nobody called me!

SO I CALLED YOU AGAIN at 3:10 pm today, and I was lucky because MERIEM helped me and she was the only "Pro" in this huge disorder!!!!!

After one hour of phone call (don't worry I called you), plus a new phone number, a new reactivation of contract, a new validation of the phone, and all the new agreement needed in order to get the phone before my daughter's Birthday!

Finally Meriem was the miracle in your huge lack of incompetencies.

I swear you, that if I don't get the phone BEFORE THURSDAY JANUARY 10TH (my daughter's Birthday), I will send you back everything, cancel all my contract with you (mine, my wife's and my daughter's). Then I will talk to my lawyer and some journalists.

You promised me things that were wrong!
You were pretending things you did not know about!
You had a lack of skills!
You lied to me!


After 7 years and half, Wow!

Thanks for Meriem the miracle!

Shame on you FIDO !



Former Moderator
Former Moderator



Welcome to the community Smiley


I'm sorry to read you had trouble activating a new line.  I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at your account together.


Talk to you soon!