SIM card error ... and Fido term confusion

SIM card error ... and Fido term confusion

SIM card error ... and Fido term confusion

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SIM card error ... and Fido term confusion


I recently got "Insert SIM card" on my phone even when the Fido SIM card is inserted. And if I insert someone else Fido SIM card and his seems to work, and I ended up calling support and this is where confusion started.


1) Support told me SIM card is not free, even if I get a new line, only if I get new device. I have two fido monthly account but neither cost me SIM card fee when i open them

2) I can not use FidoDollar towards purchasing SIM card, even there are multiple forum post say otherwise

3) SIM card is a 'sold product' with no warrenty, and even i am paying a monthly service to Fido, I will still need to purchase another SIM card as replacement (that also has no warrenty)... and this can happens again


I have been with Fido for a while, so might be condition changed. Are these the new policy ?






@kjjkhk SIM cards are ususally not free its $10 for one but since the SIM stopped working in my experience Fido usually give me a replacement for free. I suggest you call customer service again or hopefully a mod can rectify the issue here.