SIM Card Not Vaild

SIM Card Not Vaild

SIM Card Not Vaild

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SIM Card Not Vaild

Recently got a Iphone 4s from a friend for my brother. 

I went to settings - general - about - where it then told me under carrier was Fido.

I went out and bought a Fido sim card and activated it online, added a $10.00 phone card and inserted the sim card into the phone. It then pops up with a message saying " SIM Card Not Vaild "
How can I fix this problem? 



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Hi @kristin13 and welcome to the Community Smiley


That's definitely strange!


I'll be sending you a PM shortly to look into it with you.



I would ask your friend which provider he got the phone from. It could be displaying Fido under settings because thats the last SIM that was inserted. Fido should be able to tell you if the phone is from them if you provide them with the IMEI number.