Roaming not working in New York

Roaming not working in New York

Roaming not working in New York

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Roaming not working in New York

I am in New York and data roaming is not working? Any suggestions?


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Hello - I am having the same problem. My data roaming does not work in New York. I am from Canada and got the phone from fido in Winnipeg.

Let me save you some time: airplane mode is off, data is one, roaming is on, i have data left on my plan, there are no data blocks on my account. I have verified the access point settings. I already tried turning my phone on and off. I already tried resetting the network settings. 

Having no access to data left my high and dry on my trip. Called 3 times and troubleshooting would randomly work on the phoen for an hour then lose connection to mobile data. Brutal experience. 

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I can understand how difficult it can be when you depend on your phone for work and are not getting access to your data. 


From what you mentioned, I see that you have done most troubleshooting steps at this point. 


However, I do have another question. 


Have you tried selecting another network in the U.S manually? 

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Yes. I've tried both TMobile and AT&T. 

Thanks for trying!


I'll be sending you a PM shortly so we can take a look at your account.


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option is to use an prepaid usa sim, via Target or walmart. make sure it has data as well. (place an voicemail tell others to call u on usa #, and on facebook wall, or twitter, mention the new usa # too).

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Hey @CMTh!


Do you still need help with this? 


Let us know! 

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Hey @CMTh


Have you turned on your Data roaming in your phone’s settings? 


Do you have a Roaming block in your account? 


Are you able to manually select a network?


Have you checked this page