Roaming Charges

Roaming Charges

Roaming Charges

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Roaming Charges

Next week I am planning to go to South America and I need to be able to use my phone; however, I do not want to pay for a full travel pack. I would like to pay per use. I would like to know what charges I will incur if I make/receive a call, voice message and send/receive a text. In the case that I do not use my phone any fee will be charged to my bill?


Thanks for your help 

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Thank you for the detailed numbers for your monthly customers without travel packs.  Where can I find these numbers for other areas on your website?  (USA, Latin America, Cruise ships)


Hey john_ON, 


You can check out our Canadian, USA, International options Right Here


Our International Roaming rates for every country Zones are available Right Here


You can also check out our International Talk, Text & Data Travel Packs Right Here


Roaming Travel Packs don't apply to usage while roaming on cruise ships & airplane or in Lebanon, French Polynesia & Palau. This usage will be charged at the applicable pay-per-use-rates.


We're here if you have any questions!


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Hi AdamBeast

I am in Venezuela and my I have an IPhone 5. Actually I can to get a network here but if somebody call me, a spanish answering machine answer the call. However, i can make calls and receive text messages.
Do you know what could be the problem?
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Hey there salaska83,


Are you certain the person calling is using the correct dialing patern?


Sounds to me like they are dialing the wrong number and getting someone else's voicemail. 


Let us know Smiley

Your phone is compatible with 2G and 3G network in Venezuela. 

I suggest you to turn off LTE mode from Settings - > Cellular Network, to get more stable signal. 

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How can I activate the call and text roaming? Just turn on Automatic in Network connnection?

Hey salaska83!


You don't have to do anything at all to activate roaming in order to be able to call or text when outside of Canada, unless you've requested that roaming access be blocked on your line in the past that is. So long as your phone's network connection mode is on automatic, you should connect to whichever network is available in the area and be able to call and text right away. Smiley 


If you don't plan to use data, I suggest that you make sure that data roaming is turned off in your phone's network settings also.


Hope this helps! 


Hi salaska83


Which country are you going to and what is the phone model you are using? 

Your phone must support the local network frequency to be able to roam. 

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Hi salaska83 & welcome to the Community!


Do you have a prepaid account, or a monthly account? The pay-per-use rates vary depending on the type of service you have.


The pay-per-use rates for a monthly account in South America are:

  • $3/minute;
  • $0.75/outgoing text (incoming free);
  • $9.99/10 MB/24-hour period.

The pay-per-use rates for a prepaid account in South America are:

  • $3.50/minute;
  • $0.75/outgoing text (incoming free).

If you need to use data while on your trip and have a prepaid account, you can purchase either a data day pass, or a data month pass. 


The data day passes available are:

  • $15 for 2 MB;
  • $25 for 5 MB;
  • $40 for 10 MB.

The data month passes available are:

  • $50 for 10 MB;
  • $100 for 25 MB;
  • $225 for 75 MB.

All info can be found here. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Cheers! Smiley


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Thanks for your help FidoMaria! 😃


I have other questions. A person from Fido told me that additional to the $3/min for calls, a roaming charges will be include in my bill. It is right? or those charges are include in the $3/min? How much would be these fees?



My pleasure salaska83! Smiley


Your bill will basically include your regular monthly fees, and then the pay-per-use charges for your roaming.


For example, if your plan is $50/month, and while out of the country you send 10 texts and call for 25 minutes, you'll be billed an extra $82.50.


Depending on the usage you're planning on doing, it may be best for you to get a travel pack. You can check them out here (Zone 3).


Hope this helps!