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Roam like home

Roam like home

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Roam like home

Read that Rogers is introducing a new roaming option, Roam like home. Any chance this comes to Fido?




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Hey everyone! 


It's finally here! Click here for info on Fido Roam! 



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Hey andresetton,


we wouldn't want to see  you go. Unfortunately we can't comment or speculate on upcoming products before an official announcement is made. We will definitely keep you in the loop!

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C'mon FIDO Let's Go Let's Go! 


Don't make me have to leave you after 20 years!

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Now even Telus has a $7/day plan called Easy Roam. *** Fido. I have an account with 5 lines and seriously considering moving as every time I am in the states I come home to a $600 bill. I cant just install a roam mobility chip as I use my cell for work and must be available. I can, however, take all my numbers with me to Rogers or even Telus if there is no plan to follow suit? Would be nice if we could get a definite answer instead of "follow us and wait and see"


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Hey lishka!


We'd love to offer a definite answer on this, though at this time we haven't yet received any announcements on the launch of this service. We offer some travel packs that can reduce the cost of your roaming charges. You can check out the ones for the U.S right here.The ones for international roaming will be available here


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at your account. Smiley 






Hey @E-Man

Thanks for your feedback. We definitely wouldn't want to see you go!


Unfortunately we can't provide you with any information as we can't comment on products and services that are not offered at the moment.

If anything  comes up, you guys will be the first to know! 


Hey everyone, 


Just a heads up, something awesome is coming...


Check it out

Hey everyone! 


It's finally here! Click here for info on Fido Roam! 



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When is FIDO going to offer a Roam Like Home plan. The current USA travel packs are terribly expensive for what you get. I'd much rather pay $5 a day and use my plan. 




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Hello bigscotty.


We didn't receive any information on our end about getting that option.


I invite you to keep an eye on to see our current options and promotions Smiley



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Hi, is here any update on this? Its March of 2016 and there are still no reasonable Roaming options available to us. Why is Fido purposely neglecting its customer base?


I am a loyal Fido customer paying way over $100/month and I feel like I am being laughed at by what Fido has to offer, even compared to its own sister company (which use the exact same towers) Rogers has to offer which is "Roam like its Home" for $5/month up to $50 max.


Can you please provide an ACCEPTABLE response that outlines an actual timeline for this along with metric details of how much it will cost? There are many people out there who are contemplating switching carriers due to this limitation.


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I go to the US fairly often, and the 30-day 50-minute plan is absolutely not enough for me.  I have no choice but to use a Roam Mobility plan ($3.95 per day for voice, text and data) because Fido offers nothing comparable.  I would be willing to pay a premium so that I could keep my phone number in the US.  Rogers offers a $7.95 per day plan but Fido has nothing like it.  Any chance Fido is going to start offering plans for day-trips to the US?  If not, I am seriously thinking of leaving Fido for this, even though I have been a customer for 20 years!

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@10yearfido wrote:

Read that Rogers is introducing a new roaming option, Roam like home. Any chance this comes to Fido?

10yearfido, I get the feeling you and I seem to always want the same thing (ie wifi calling :P).


I'm +1ing this.  If you're not goign to give us wifi calling, at least give us this.  $7.99 for only 50MB sucks.  Would pay $5 to have access to my plan though.


Last time I was in the US I was offered the $4.99 promo rate (as well as Rogers customers were offered), so maybe there is hope we'll see this under Fido eventually.

Hey Guys!


We do not have any information on whether or not we will offer a similar service at this time but you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates! Smiley


Hope this helps!