Ridiculous Loyalty Plan

Ridiculous Loyalty Plan

Ridiculous Loyalty Plan

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Ridiculous Loyalty Plan

I have been off-contract (month to month basis) for almost 1.5 years now.  I called in last week to ask about the advertised $60 BYOP data, talk and text PULSE plan (as it is identical to my current $60 plan (2Gb, unlimited Canada-wide min, unlimited international SMS/MMS, Call Display, Voicemail (3), Circle calling), with the exception that my plan has Conference calling and the advertised $60 BYOP plan does not but has the promotional 2 year Spotify service.  However, the agent I spoke to said I am actually eligible for both a hardward upgrade and a Loyalty Plan of $55 (which is the exact same as the $60 BYOP promo plan/similar to my plan), REGARDLESS of whether I choose to upgrade my hardware or not, with the caveat that with a hardware upgrade, it would be a 2 year contract, but I would also benefit from using my accumulated FIDO Dollars.  I said I would need to review the phones available to decide on one, and she said the plan and offer was valid until at least July 6th, if I wanted to utilize my FIDO dollars.  The agent informed me that, even if I chose not to upgrade my hardware, financially it made more sense to take the Loyalty plan, as it is the same as my plan (I have very rarely used Conference calling), but I would be saving $5/month.


So, I called in earlier to find out the pricing on a selected phone, but was told I was given INCORRECT information the first time, and the LOYALTY plan I was offered was quoted incorrectly, and was $55 for 1GB (everything else the same) and $65 for 2GB of data.  WHY IS FIDO OFFERING ME A "LOYALTY" PLAN THAT COSTS MORE THAN MY CURRENT PLAN WITH ESSENTIALLY THE SAME SERVICES???

(Having or not having Spotify Premium for a year is not a concern for me).  This is the most ridiculous "Loyalty" plan I have ever seen.  In addition, I realize now, had I decided to take the Loyalty plan, (regardless of whether I chose to upgrade my phone or not), I would be charged more for the same plan, BUT, also be unable to go back to my original plan or the $60 BYOP plan (which is the exact same as the supposed $55 offered Loyalty plan), as that plan was likely a promo until June 30, which was also not discussed with me (I was simply told to call back before July 6). 


I have no idea (nor does the agent I spoke to today when I called) why I was given incorrect information from the start and am rather annoyed to learn that had I agreed and switched, I would have no recourse at the moment either.  This is both worrisome and frustrating as a customer.  Right now, I am trying to decide whether to do a hardware upgrade with my current plan, with one of the so-called "Loyalty" plans, or go looking at other providers. "Loyalty" plan when you're asked to pay MORE for the same service?  Incomprehensible why this is even offered!





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Hi there @mnd01


I'm definitely sorry to read that you were given misinformation about a Fido offer!


It sounds like there was some sort of confusion, in terms of the available offers for your line. I can definitely understand the frustration there & I'd like to thank you for having taken the time to reach out to us about this!


I'll be sending you a PM so we can discuss this further 😃 

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The is no Loyalty Plans at all. As for July first it is not longer available at all. I got unlimited with 2 Gig data plan 3 weeks ago. Today i wanted to get second line at this same terms. I was told after being on hold for 45 minutes the plan is not longer available and I have to pay more for less for the second line. Loyalty you have to be joking I was with them before they were sold to ROGERS so maybe 20 years. Those days are gone and now they are just greedy that's all.......Dissapointed Joseph

Hey @joebart


Welcome to the Community! 


Our promotions and plans can change at anytime, I get that it's frustrating at times but this applies to pretty much anything ! We might have a promo that's even better in the future and that you can benefit from! 


If you have other questions, let us know.

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Sure, sure just smooth it out since that is your job.

In the future you and I might be dead and still there will  any loyalty  from your company (FIDO/Rogers) 

Ever writing in that corporation own blog is pointless so I will take it somewhere else.
Thank you for nothing.