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Does Fido still have retention dept to take care long time customer?


For the past few years, I have had trouble getting the services I needed when it comes to plan pricing.


It has been very competitive in the last few years, whenever one company gets a new lower price plan, others will always followed.


Last year, when I called Fido retention, asked if they will match a Wind Mobile plan, the anser is no because its competitor is Koodo and Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile doesn't have good coverage.


In just 6 month from my last call, Koodo just rolled out a new promotional plan which Fido and Virgin Mobile also rolled out, all other carriers included voice mail but Fido doesn't because the customer service I talked to said the Spotify premium is included.  


I told them there is apps that can do the same for free and I don't need spotify at all, but was told SOL, it's not an option,  So it's either get it or don't.


And I also got another lower usage phone, and asked about other retention plan to match, similar to Koodo, now the customer service said, Koodo is not their competitor, so can't match????


I was like, you guys said differently before, but the CS said, it was before, it's now, and they don't match??


I was really choked at the anser and simply hung up,  




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Re: Retention

Hi Telus,


we do have a customer relations department taking care of looking into available promotions for long times customers. We certainly don't want our customers to feel like hanging up during a call with the customer service.


I would like to look at your options. I'm contacting you now by Private Message so that we can verify your account together Smiley


- Kenny

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Re: Retention

Hey @andyalex


I'm sending you that PM now. Talk to you soon Smiley



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