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Does Fido still have retention dept to take care long time customer?


For the past few years, I have had trouble getting the services I needed when it comes to plan pricing.


It has been very competitive in the last few years, whenever one company gets a new lower price plan, others will always followed.


Last year, when I called Fido retention, asked if they will match a Wind Mobile plan, the anser is no because its competitor is Koodo and Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile doesn't have good coverage.


In just 6 month from my last call, Koodo just rolled out a new promotional plan which Fido and Virgin Mobile also rolled out, all other carriers included voice mail but Fido doesn't because the customer service I talked to said the Spotify premium is included.  


I told them there is apps that can do the same for free and I don't need spotify at all, but was told SOL, it's not an option,  So it's either get it or don't.


And I also got another lower usage phone, and asked about other retention plan to match, similar to Koodo, now the customer service said, Koodo is not their competitor, so can't match????


I was like, you guys said differently before, but the CS said, it was before, it's now, and they don't match??


I was really choked at the anser and simply hung up,  




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Hi Telus,


we do have a customer relations department taking care of looking into available promotions for long times customers. We certainly don't want our customers to feel like hanging up during a call with the customer service.


I would like to look at your options. I'm contacting you now by Private Message so that we can verify your account together Smiley


- Kenny

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how can i contact customer relations?

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Welcome to the community @boop1! Smiley


You can contact our customer service by dialing 611 directly from your phone.  You can also contact us via Facebook or Twitter or we can help out here! Let us know if you need anything.


Click here for our contact us section on our website.

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I am trying to get ahold of a customer rep using the live chat but all I get is the spinner on the browser, I don't know if it is even connecting.  I am currently on a grandfathered plan with $40 (450Mins/Unltd Text/600MB).  I am looking for a minimum 1GB of data but all I see on the website is the $50 dollar plan which is more than what I am currently paying.  Would someone be able to assist me?

Hey @andyalex! Have you tried using a different browser? If it doesn't fix the issue, let us know so we can send you a PM.

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Can you please send me a PM, i'm not really sure what's wrong, tried 3 different browsers and PCs and I still cannot connect to using livechat

Hey @andyalex


I'm sending you that PM now. Talk to you soon Smiley



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I’m having the exact same problem with Fido CS. I called them just yesterday wanting to renew my contact and see what options I have as I’ve been with Fido for 10 years. All I got from CS was koodo will charge your extra for phone, I told them that they are basically offering me a better plan. CS told me in the long run you will be paying more for the phone and how FIDO doesn’t charge for the phone on contract.


Then why was I offered 2 types of plans one price for BYOP contract and another price for a phone. This is crazy.

And then I find out that Fido customers in Saskatchewan is offering them same plan as koodo for 48$ with BYOP and 63$ for a phone WTH.


Fido are you really telling me that you can’t match a plan for loyal customers of 10 years. Why even waste my time offering me plans that a new customer can get?


Once I asked to speak with Retention, she was basically repeating what CS was saying. I don’t understand why Fido can’t match a Koodo plan. I even have a home phone with Fido, first time ever where I was very dissatisfied with their customer service. No appreciation for loyal customers!!!!!

Hey @pkpk, welcome and thank you for using the Community Smiley

I really hate to see that you were not able to find the plan you're looking for.


At the same time, it's important to understand that we all work with the same promotions on our end. And we don't match price plans from other providers.


We do appreciated you beign with us for 10 years, and we would hate to see you leave.


I can take a look at what was offered to you to make sure everything was done on our end.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into Smiley Talk to  you soon !!






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Hello Fido,


As much as I would like to stay with you guys, I find it very frustrating that every two years when my contract expires I gotta call in multiple times just to get better plans. You guys do have the best customer service. I called many times and all the agents were friendly and polite but it's just too much hassle to go through. I have three to four months left on my current 2 year contract, would like to buy out my contract now and jump onto the $45 dollar BYOD loyalty plan which alot of my friends already have and kept telling me to get. Any help I can get from here instead of keep calling you guys on the phone and hoping one of the agents will give me the plan I want.  Sad 

Hey fanny_kuo , 


Thanks for reaching out, love the avatar btw! 


I'll go ahead and send you a PM to help out, I know the feeling of not wanting to call customer service, you just need to find the channel that best suits you Smiley We do however have the same offers. 


Did you know we also offer customer service on Facebook and Twitter? Try it out some time Smiley .


We'll talk soon! 

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I’ve been using Fido for over 10 years ever since my first cell phone (the first 5 under my mom’s name) so I consider myself a pretty loyal customer, but I am totally frustrated with this company.


The latest of which is the fact that I just checked into my account to find that the Fido Dollars program is gone and I’ve just lost nearly $400 worth of Fido dollars I’ve collected over the past few years.


I received lots of notifications via text from Fido about my internet usage and roaming promos but absolutely nothing regarding to the July 6th deadline to redeem them. Of course from a business standpoint it makes total sense since redeeming those takes away from revenues.


Looking at my $80 “Loyalty” plan with only 4GB of data and comparing it to other carriers with half the price and unlimited data, with the same features and benefits, and now 0 reward dollars, I’m not sure why I still use Fido.


After speaking with a rep for an hour the answer is basically a concrete "No, all those fido dollars are gone, sorry too bad, you can switch to another carrier if you like but we're not going to spend any effort trying to keep you as a customer. The plan you have is already the best we can offer and it's too bad you don't use Spotify or Vice since that's all anyone will get now."

@jimmyzyz wrote:

... comparing it to other carriers with half the price and unlimited data, with the same features and benefits...

Hello Jimmyzyz,


  Welcome to the community!


  You might want to verify the information. Most of those unlimited data plans are only offered on '3G' networks. Even if their parent company offers LTE, the unlimited plans usually do not have access to that network. Sometimes the same features and benefits are not actually the same. Additionally, you might consider reading any fine print. Many of the unlimited data plans throttle down speeds after a certain limit has been reached. 


  Perhaps you are not interested in LTE or you don't mind throttled speeds. Just don't get blinded because of unlimited data. Do your research. Only you can decide whether those plans suit your needs.


  Hope this helps Smiley




Hey @jimmyzyz and thanks for reaching out.

We would hate to see you go. I just want to make sure we went over all your options.

I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon.

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Well, I appreciate your time but it seems that there's nothing in store from Fido for me.

I'll be making a switch.

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Does Fido care about keeping long-term customers any more?

After being with Fido for over 15 years, it seems Fido no longer cares about customers. As someone who wants to upgrade their phone, I am being offered a plan that is a lot worse than mine and no discount on my phone.


I asked to speak with customer retention and the representative told me she is customer retention "right now". What does that even mean? Is she playing the role for the day?


I was offered the exact same thing as is listed online for people who just walk off the street! Ridiculous!! Basically told that it's too bad but there is nothing more that can be done.


Fido used to care and used to provide good deals. Looks like I will have to make the switch as I am being offered a much better plan elsewhere.

Hey @UnhappyMA!


Welcome to the Community!


We care about all our customers and we definitely appreciate your loyalty!

I'd be happy to take a look at your accout to see what we can offer you to keep you with us (and change that nickname at the same time) Wink


Just so we are on the same realistic page, I have to let you know that if you are looking for an high-end phone and the best price possible, you'll have to go with a Max plan.


If you are open to pay a little more for the phone but pay less every month then I can definitely help with that!

What do you think?



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Hi @FidoManuel,


Thank you for your response. I have been offered a great deal from a different (new) provider which is less per month than what I am currently paying. I called Fido to offer you the opportunity to keep a loyal customer who has been with you for over 15 years. Fido has always treated me well and I was hoping to once again get that great service that I am so used to. I am hoping you can help. However, I do not want to pay a crazy amount for a phone which will be $0 in the next 6 months.


I look forward to your suggestions!


Thanks so much! 

@UnhappyMA wrote:


 ... I have been offered a great deal from a different (new) provider which is less per month than what I am currently paying. ..

Hello UnhappyMA,


  Welcome to the forums!


  I'm curious which provider you're referring to. I wasn't aware of any new providers entering the scene...


   Just a word of caution when considering some of the other companies. Make sure you know what services and what level of service those companies offer. Their plans can be cheaper because they provide lesser services (unlimited doesn't necessarily mean more). Those services they do provide might suit some people's needs and priorities, but they might not suit everybody.


  Only you can decide if that other provider offers similar value to you for what you're currently receiving. You note they offer a plan which is less per month. Value isn't just how much you pay; it's what you receive for how much you pay. Sometimes you're just not paying for what you're not receiving. All I'm saying is consider the potential limitations.


**Some parts of this post were cut & pasted from here.


  Hope this helps Smiley Happy



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I'm reading all the post for Loyalty and Retention plan.   Looks like I'm not the only one disappointed with Fido.  It seems there is no other way to get a better deal since they want to get rid of the accounts that are grandfathered.  It seems their goal now is not to retain customer but to get rid of them.  All I wanted is to get a phone plan that will give me a caller-id and Canada wide long distance but it seems I cannot get it cheaper than what I have right now.  So, sad that after more than 10years I am now looking to other providers that will give a better deal.



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Hey @aanada


We're always working on offering you the best options Smiley and if you ask me, I think our deals are pretty sweet! Of course it all depends on what you're looking for.