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Does Fido still have retention dept to take care long time customer?


For the past few years, I have had trouble getting the services I needed when it comes to plan pricing.


It has been very competitive in the last few years, whenever one company gets a new lower price plan, others will always followed.


Last year, when I called Fido retention, asked if they will match a Wind Mobile plan, the anser is no because its competitor is Koodo and Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile doesn't have good coverage.


In just 6 month from my last call, Koodo just rolled out a new promotional plan which Fido and Virgin Mobile also rolled out, all other carriers included voice mail but Fido doesn't because the customer service I talked to said the Spotify premium is included.  


I told them there is apps that can do the same for free and I don't need spotify at all, but was told SOL, it's not an option,  So it's either get it or don't.


And I also got another lower usage phone, and asked about other retention plan to match, similar to Koodo, now the customer service said, Koodo is not their competitor, so can't match????


I was like, you guys said differently before, but the CS said, it was before, it's now, and they don't match??


I was really choked at the anser and simply hung up,  




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Hi Telus,


we do have a customer relations department taking care of looking into available promotions for long times customers. We certainly don't want our customers to feel like hanging up during a call with the customer service.


I would like to look at your options. I'm contacting you now by Private Message so that we can verify your account together Smiley


- Kenny

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-  905 (the full price of the 6/64, as quoted by the retention rep*

   400 (for the 6/64 with the max plan discount)


So, we're amortizing $505 over 2 years, paid off by the monthly premium. What is the monthly premium? $85 - $49 = $36: That's the difference between the $85 unlimited talk, 1GB max plan and the plan I currently have. Wanna know the interest rate? Pop open your copy of excel and use the "RATE" function, using 505 for pv (present value), -36 for PMT and 24 nper (number of periods).


Answer: It's 4.85% PER MONTH, perilously close to 60% per year. Is that, in your view, what "happens with pretty much everything you finance -- mortage on a house, leasing a car, leasing furniture/television, etc." 


Answer: Only if you finance with a loan shark. Indeed, you can go to jail for charging 60% interest.


It was indeed deception. The rep tried to persuade me that that this max plan was a reward for my loyalty, a good deal. Is that what you think?


* as opposed to the better $779 price quoted by the first rep I spoke to.

@zzzzzzzzzzzzzz1 Just a little clarification. 


The amount to be subsidized: 505$ divided by 24 months give's us 21.04$ (that's the amount taken from your monthly fee that goes strictly to pay up your device). 


Only 21$ per month of your monthly fee will go to paying back the subsidy of your phone, not 36$. 


Following your rate function, that gives an interest rate of 0% per month. We don't charge interest when you subsidize a device with us. 


If you want to pay lower upfront for your phone, then the monthly fee will be higher. If you want a lower monthly fee, you'll pay more upfront for the device.


For the 779$ price you were quoted, it was for a different size of phone 16 GB vs 64 GB, I think Ranya clarified that point with you. 


Let me know if you have any question.

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If the premium is $21 on the purchase of a 6/64 for $400, the monthly fee for unlimited talk/1GB would be $70. Of course, that's not what is offered, because your response is nonsense.


The premium is, in fact $36 per month ($85 max plan vs. $49 BYOD). Almost 60% per year interest to "finance" the "discount". It is dishonest and deceptive. It sure isn't a retention effort for loyal customers.


This is not what reputable businesses do. If you didn't intend to deceive me and others who read these forums, please acknowledge your error.

Hi zzzzzzzzzzzzzz1,


I'm sorry that you're under the impression that we're being dishonest and deceptive; this is not the case.


The price difference between the plans/plan categories are not based solely on the subsidy given on the phone; multiple factors are examined when it comes to pricing, and subsidies given are based on which plan category the selected plan falls in, not the price of the plan itself.

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I'm in the process of potentially renewing both my wife's line and my own. In the discussion I had with 3 different fido reps, I was lead to believe that the incentives would keep me with fido. Not to mention the information they provided individually was also different, it made it confusing to make a decision. I have now entertained offers from different competitors.
Also, I tried to convince my father to leave Telus and move over to Fido and also was quoted better prices but when he actually agreed, and I addressed this with the rep, to match or improve, they said there was nothing they could do.
That's a great experience isn't it?
I wasted too much time.
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It is so frustrating talking to fido customer service now. I called to see if I am able to get a better plan since I only have 1GB of data in my plan and I keep exceeding it. They tried to offer me another plan saying it's better because I will be able to get 3 GB of data but I have to pay basically 20 dollars more after their 6 months of 5 dollars credit end( which is still not helping). And they tried to tell me that my plan is a very good plan which is a plan shown on the website where every new customer can get. I saw on the other forums that a lot of people are getting a great deal with a cheaper price that they are offering. I don't get after almost 10 years of usage with Fido, I am still getting the same plan where every new customer can get. The option that loyalty department girl was offering me does not make sense at all. Why would I call retention department and wasted 30 minutes talking to them to pay almost 20 dollars extra for more data which is something that Fido will charge me automatically if I exceed my limit? And the girl was like that's all I can do for you, you can either take it or stay with your plan. I just don't understand why I should stay with that company after almost 10 years. I am now looking for other companies options right now to see if i can get a better deal than this. I am very frustrated and I don't think fido should treat loyal customer this way.

Hi Zhiwei!


Welcome to the community! 


We'd hate to see you go! I'll send you a PM so we can go over your options together! Smiley 


Hi Telus,


we do have a customer relations department taking care of looking into available promotions for long times customers. We certainly don't want our customers to feel like hanging up during a call with the customer service.


I would like to look at your options. I'm contacting you now by Private Message so that we can verify your account together Smiley


- Kenny

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While I am still waiting for someone to contact me, after a private message 2 weeks ago, funny how the Fido Clerk that I spoke with, saying Fido doesn't match with Koodo, but once Koodo listed an expiry date of May 31 of their promotion plan, Fido almost immediately listed the same date as well.

Good morning sjang87!


I'll be happy to review your plan options Smiley Keep in mind that our new plans include exclusive features which leads to the price difference between your grandfathered plan and our current ones Wink I'll send you a PM in just a bit so we can get started! 


Keep in mind that you can always reach us on Facebook or Twitter to look into your account Smiley 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us ToloCDN!


Keep in mind that our services are constantly being evaluated on an ongoing basis. The voicemail had been removed from the plans as we noticed that not many customers were actually using it. So instead, we offer free Spotify Premium (a value of $9.99 per month) + DAILY VICE Smiley 


If there are any other changes to come, the information will be available on Just keep a close eye to make sure you don't miss out! 


I'd like to add that we definitely don't think our customer are ignorant. We simply strive to provide the best customer service while choosing the best combination of price and services that respects our customers' budget and needs.


I'll make sure to pass your suggestions along Smiley

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 Honestly, I am not sure how much value spotify adds to my service, there are free apps that does the same job, if not better.

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I'm so frustrated with their services lately. I currently have a grandfather plan with 600 mb looking for more data and they want me to pay an additional $30 for 400 mb more to get 1 gb!!!! This is insane! I've been a long time customer for almost 10 years....I got my entire family to switch their business to Fido. I even had an additional line with a 6gb plan for $50 and once I removed the additional line, Fido said they can't help me Sad

Good morning Telus Smiley 


An email should've been sent over after the authentication form was sent by PM. Did you double-check your junk folder to see if that's where it went?


Let us know!



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I did reply to the private message via private message, and that was 2 weeks ago,  but no reply at all

Hi Telus,


We sent you an email in response to the authentication form but didn't receive a reply. I went ahead and forwarded you a copy of that email sent May 9th. 



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I did the authentication again today, and I also PM the person who sent me the original message back on May 9 to confirm, but not heard anythng.

Hello Telus Smiley


We received your authentication form today. I will contact you now by PM so that we can verify your options together. 



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While I realize Rogers wants to get use of their exclusive deal with the vendor and has numbers to meet, not all of us have any use for addons at a premium. Having dealt with various first level and retention agents over the last week, there doesn't seem to be much incentive/savings from present BYOP plans from over a year ago! Voicemail and call forwarding should be basics offered in all occasions.  Add-on features should be swapable for added discounts or other features- in this case Spotify/Vice for Voicemail.  


You need to get real people in your marketing department. Seriously, Canadian consumers (and for the most part, non-smb / non-sales folk) are looking for DATA, VOICEMAIL, ROAMING - not subscriptions to already available free like apps, voice(talk time) - last thing I need is a phone ringing to interrupt me and my limited free time, so many free digital networks are out there (wifi everywhere and they don't charge regardless of where the packet goes).


Once companies finally realize that consumers have access to all competitor offers within seconds, thanks to the internet and Canadian trends for YEARS have been more data less voice (which by the way use the same data stream since voice has become all digital.....) then maybe said companies will realize MORE customers.  Things will be getting more interesting as deals WILL HAVE TO "heat up" as the June deadline for long term contracts (3 years on) comes up....


(Sorry for any spelling mistakes as it seems that there is no "ancient" feature for even spellcheck in comment boxes in here. If this feels like a rant - I appolgize too - just tired of companies treating customers as all being ignorant...especially since I've been in the cell/network/Tech biz for longer than most of your reps have been alive :smileywink: )