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Retention plans

Retention plans

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Retention plans

I have been a customer of Fido's since 1998 and I'm wondering what has happened to the old retention plans that were actually good - loaded with data and talk for a decent price.

I have called fido a number of times and while the CSR are extremely friendly and try to be helpful I feel like their hands are tied. I'm just looking to match a plan that I have been offered by one of the other big cellphone competitors - and I love fido's service and want to remain a loyal customer. However, I have been through every imaginable plan (with retentions) and it seems like the CSR hands are tied.

It's frustrating because my husband and I should be considered valuable customers and fido should want to keep our business....and for $10 or $15 a month they would rather let us go somewhere else. I'm just surprised that after 18 years.....they can't offer us something to keep us.

Sad to say that at the end of this month, when my credits expire - We will be switching phone companies.


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Solved by Former Moderator FidoMaria

Hi LC22 & welcome to the Community! 


I'm sad to read that you're planning on leaving us, we definitely don't want to see you go. Sad


Our plans are evaluated on an on-going basis. We strive to offer the best service/price combination, while remaining competitive; Our current prices and services offered also reflect the current market.


That said, I'd be more than happy to take another look at your plan options if you'd like. I'll send you a private message.


Talk to you soon! Smiley

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Just spoke to a Fido "Customer Relations" rep and apparently they are retentions. They don't like the term retentions apparently. Anyways just spoke to one of the few reps to see if I can lower my 2 yr plan that I just renewed after being a long standing customer for so long and the best that they could do was give me about $15-20 off an existing website max plan with mini-voicemail, which I clearly don't want. Although the rep was kind & just doing their job, they are definitely being controlled by Fido and holding back on giving customers more. Loyalty means nothing to them anymore, our money does. Her excuse was that they were spending more money on towers & how technology was evolving and how we have to keep up with it by investing more money. Bull. We spend enough money supporting Fido, at least you could do is give us a little more. I'm not being an entitled brat but having been a customer for so many years, we can easily leave and support the smaller guy and receive a much better rate. My only regret was not leaving.

Hi @Christiners & welcome to the Community! Smiley


We definitely don't want to see you go. Sad Rest assured that we do appreciate our loyal customers. We're constantly working on improving our plans/services and creating value for our customers. I'll make sure that your feedback is forwarded to the appropriate team.



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Hi Fido, I have been with you for close to 10 years now and every time I have called, I have not had a good experience where my issues actually get resolved. The most recent incident, I phoned to see if you can offer me a plan that is better suited to my needs - more minutes, no data - none of which your advertised plans can offer. I asked to be transferred to the royalty department, and the person helping me said he was working in that department and couldn't offer me anything other than what was advertised on your website. I am confused:


1. Do service workers in the royalty department ever pick up calls on the general *611 line? My impression is that he refused to transfer me to the requested department and gave me a false statement.

2. I have been a loyal customer with you for so long, and you cannot offer me something that is better suited to my needs?


In conclusion, I am FED UP with your service. Although the plan I have with you is quite affordable, it no longer suits my needs and you can no longer offer me something that can. I will not pay more money for what I am paying for right now simply because your service is not worth more than that. I will be switching to another provider even though their plans may be more expensive than yours. I am so FED UP with your team to the point that I would much rather pay more money to another company for fewer products than to pay you.


Thank you for reading my message. But I will not thank you for the services (or lack thereof) that you have provided me the past decade.


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Welcome to the community @RedArrow


I moved your post since we had a similar thread. All of our agents are not able to handle deactivations as we all have the same offers. We did this to avoid unnecessary transfers. I'll be glad to check if there's another option for you. I'm sending you a PM now.

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Are older fido clients not important anymore? I can't get any better deals compared to a new customer. Seems to me other providers are offering great plans to see me leave and join them.


I use to have a grea fido unlimited talk + 6GB plan but somewhere down the line, I lost it due to a "mistake in the system". I then was offered a similiar plan but with 2GB + discounts. Now that my discount has expired and I am hitting well over 2GB threshold, I am paying well over what I would of had if I still had my original 6GB plan.


So I thought I'd wait it out and hopefully Fido will have "promos" that were decent but that doesn't seem like the case. Monthly packages that come out cost more and offer...less? I don't get it.


Are there any "great plans" left for us old Fido customers? Or is this it?

Hey @chozenone


Welcome to the Community :). 


 As Maria had mentioned,we constantly evaluate our plans and we do our best to offer you great plans at an even greater price. Our plans have to reflect the current market though which could impact the cost of your services. We definitely value long time customers, what would we be without you? 


I'll send you a PM so we can look into your options! 

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I've also tried with CSR ,polite but useless in offering interesting plans for longtime customers.

I was offered plans from fido site ,well I didn't have to call to see those  (plans)  isn't?

Had hope that after 13 years of business togheter was worth more than $5 off for 6 months on 24months plan.

Wow whole $30.

And using fido dollars ,what a joke ,apparently is your money but can't use it as as you wish.

Good thing they disapear in june.

Have a nice day.

Hi @zbigbig


Welcome to the Community!


We really appreciate your long time loyalty and wish there was something we can do! 


However, we can only offer you what's available at the moment.


As for the FidoDOLLARS, it's a Rewards program that can be used in many different ways. You can check it out here.


You can always reach out to us through PM on Facebook or Twitter if you'd like to discuss your account Smiley

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@FidoClaudia wrote:

Hi @zbigbig


Welcome to the Community!


We really appreciate your long time loyalty and wish there was something we can do! 


However, we can only offer you what's available at the moment.


As for the FidoDOLLARS, it's a Rewards program that can be used in many different ways. You can check it out here.


You can always reach out to us through PM on Facebook or Twitter if you'd like to discuss your account Smiley

I really "appreciate" fido's appreciation for long time loyalty, the fact that you can do nothing  at the moment shows that appreciation.:smileywink:

Looks like you can  offer the same thing you offer to new fido subscribers.:smileysurprised:

I also "appreciate" the link provided to fidoDollars.:smileywink:

And  thanks for advice    "You can always reach out to us through PM on Facebook or Twitter if you'd like to discuss your account :)":smileywink:

Thank you, 

I "appreciate".:smileywink:


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Me and my husband have been fido customers since 2003... that's 13 years of loyalty and are now looking to upgrade our phones to the new iphone SE... the smart plan that they offered on the website are way too expensive compared to what my friends and family currently have... is there anything that fido can offer me considering that we've been together for 13 years other than the plan currently offered on the website...

Hi @me13


I'm sure a moderator can do something for you, what about the plan that you currently have is it something better than what is currently offered? If it is you can always keep that plan.

Hey @me13!


I'll send you a PM to take a look at your options Smiley 

As @KAPABLE-K mentioned, if you like your plan, you can also keep it! 


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I am just surprised as what our friend is paying for and what I'm paying for seeing that me and my husband have been a longer customer of fido than our friend was a bit ridiculous..

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I like fido in six years user included three years almost in contract plan and now i am back to prepaid monthly plan. But i'm thinking if i changed other provider to try there service and plan, is not personal my own business?
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After reading some topics that people wrote.

I noticed that there are lots of people think as same as I do.


I have been with Fido for 10 years now, still using Iphone 4S.

Really wanted to change the phone and obviously with Fido as well, but the plans these days are defintely different than the old days. So I called CSR for an advise and for solutions but I felt I was not valued. 


There are carriers want to give credit if I transfer over to there company,

Also lots of them offers sharable plan that all my family members can save money in bundle. 


Somewhat disappointed with fido with CSR and surprised that the company can't offer little more options to loyal customers. Really want to save $5 or $10 from Loyal customers? People switch carriers over $2 difference these days.


Fido's service is not like the old days. Maybe I should consider switching as well. 

Hey JameaChoi, 


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


We'd hate to see you go! Our plans are definitely not like what they used to be but so are the market and the economy, we do our best to adjust and still try to offer you good perks!  .


I'll send you a PM shortly to take a look at your options . 

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Yep, same here, been with em for 10+ years, and tried to match a koodoo plan few months ago, and Fido offered me the new plans and tried to sell me on Vice/Spotify option treating me like a child (all the cliche sales pitches like if I was born in the stone age and never knew what the internet was; Vice is terrible excuse of "journalism" and why would I pay for music? Spotify is free, don't care about some adds, and it's not like Fido offers enough data so you can stream music non the go; videotron has unlimited streaming Google musi/Spotify for you Quebec residents out there)


Looking forward to finishing my contract soon , so I can dump this Rogers brand. 

Former Moderator

Hey @uick!


I'd really like to take a look at your account, see if there's anything I can offer you that fits your needs!

You give me that chance?

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@FidoManuel of course, as long as you are not trying to sell me other rogers products you will not be ignored.

Hey @uick 


I'll take over for FidoManuel and I'll send you a PM in just a bit Smiley