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Retention plan

Retention plan

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Retention plan

Hi I've been with fido for about 8 years. Currently haven't renewed my contract but I'm hoping to see if fido can give me a better deal since I had a bad experience with the awful customer service that a customer rep had given me.



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I can't say all of them are awful. During the Holidays, I called and spoke to a CSR looking to upgrade my wife's phone to the iPhone 6. no help what so ever. Chatted with another CSR on the same day. Amazing service. After my wife decided to go with the iPhone 5S due to the price differece. Contacted Fido again with Chat and the CSR was just ok, I still have to check my up coming bill and see if they charge my $25 upgrade fee when my second contact said they would waive it. It was not the same experience as two years ago when I have to renewal both of our contract. Last week I contact via Chat again since my phone is acting up and I can upgrade to a new phone, no help there again. I do wish their CSR experience is more consistance. I should have spoke to their retention centre instead.

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I have always had excellent customer service from Fido's reps. Sometimes, I get a new one who makes a mistake (everyone is human) but they have all tried to help and been very polite.

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