Retention/Renewal Plans

Retention/Renewal Plans

Retention/Renewal Plans

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Retention/Renewal Plans



My 2 year contract runs out in about a month from now. While hunting around I found out that it is apparently possible to get an early renewal on my contract with a minimal fee. I'm looking to upgrade my plan to include data as well as get a new phone. I've also read a lot of horror stories about dealing with Fido customer retention lately. I suppose my question would be is it worth while to push for a good deal for a renewal or play my luck at moving to a new service provider? I recall when I was with Virgin mobile they were almost eager to give me some pretty sweet loyalty deals (When I switched to Fido the sales rep told me I had the best phone credit score he had seen; not sure if that had anything to do with it?).




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Hi there Lowell


Thanks for taking the time to reach out & welcome to the FidoCommunity 😃 


You can indeed get an early phone renewal, by simply buying out the remainder of your current agreement!


If there's only a few months left, the fee should be pretty minimal!


What are you looking for exactly, in terms of new phone/plan?


I'd be happy to go over your plan options together.


Let me know 😃