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Retention Department

Hello, Does Fido offer retention plans to offer long time customers?. Im looking to upgrade my phone and is willing to go on another 2 year plan however i feel like i was offered the same plans as you would to new customers. I phoned 611 from my phone and asked to be transferred to retention department but was told that im already in the retention department. When i told the rep maybe it's better to tranfer to telus and all she said was "sure." I felt like fido wouldnt do anything to keep existing customers. I was offered a better deal at Telus and is looking to transfer out since Fido cannot match.

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Hi there @Grace303


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us on our Community Smiley 


We'd love the chance to keep you with us of course, if we can!


Although I can't garantee we'll have exactly what you're looking for, it definitely won't hurt to look Smiley 


I'll send you a PM so we can go over your options together!


@Grace303 that's definitely not the way you should have been treated but rest assure you came to the right place the moderators here are great and one of them can send you a PM and look into your account to see what can be done to retain you as a client.