Request to include more countries to '1000 International Minutes to 8 Selected Countries'

Request to include more countries to '1000 International Minutes to 8 Selected Countries'

Request to include more countries to '1000 International Minutes to 8 Selected Countries'

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Request to include more countries to '1000 International Minutes to 8 Selected Countries'

Hi Fido,


Can you please pass this onto headquarters/marketing department to please increase the number of countries in the currently existing plans that have the '1000 International Minutes to 8 Selected Countries'. 


For a lot of the Japanese population here, can you please include Japan? 


Here is the list of countries for the long distance:

- Australia

- Bangladesh

- China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)

- Germany

- India

- Italy

- Mexico

- UK


Nobody is going to pay for extra long-d packages as your customer-base will simply resort to Skype or other free voip services (which they will likely use over WiFi). 


Adding Japan would be really nice and I'm sure others would like to add USA/France/England etc.


Is there any chance that Fido will increase the 8 countries to more in the future?



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To my knowledge, international call rates are bilaterlally decided, meaning: Country A cannot lower call rates to country B if country B does not allow it. Why? 

Because, then, people will call from country A to Country B and will not call from Country B to A, (I'll call it's A LOT chaeper from here) thus, telecom companies in country B will suffer losses. 

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Hey @nismo


Thank you for your feedback, we'll forward it to the appropriate department. 


Did you know that we offer a $5 value pack with a premium calling rate to U.S. and international destinations ? With this value pack, calls to Japan would be $0.05 instead of $0.95 per minute! 


The value pack also comes with the following features:

Premium Voicemail-To-Text 

2500 Call Forwarding minutes

Name Display




Let me know if you'd like us to add this option for you Smiley .  

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Hi Ranya,


Sorry, a lot of us including my wife and I are only looking to take advantage of the 1000 long-d minutes to include Japan among the 8 countries. USA would be nice for a lot of people although I would not use it much myself. It's either using the 1000 minutes or Skype for us and that goes for a lot of people as well.


Could you please let me know what the response is for the request of adding Japan to the list of 8 countries or if they will ever plan on expanding that? It's quite unfair for those who have the 1000 long-d minutes but can't take advantage of it because their country is not among the 8... Usually these requests don't go anywhere but I'm hoping this time, something will happen or at least we know if Fido will plan on expanding the 8 countries in the future etc. Please keep me posted Ranya as I will monitor this thread.



Hey @nismo1!


Thanks for getting back to us!


We've definitely passed along your feedback on this, however the 8 countries are pre-chosen and at this time cannot be modified. If anything ever changes, then will be updated Smiley


For Japan, the best option will really be the $5 value pack mentioned above. It will give you a reduced rate of 5 cents per minute instead of 95 cents per minute.


I hope this clears things up! 

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Nick, okay, a lot of the Japanese community are wondering why their country was left out and I'm sure others are wondering who selected the '8' when a lot do call home to other countries such as the US. 


Again, let me EMPHASIZE the fact that ourselves including many people are already using Skype so for the last time, we will NOT be using the $5 option. This is the whole point of having the 1000  minutes long-d in the first place so why would it make sense to pay additional when we simply can use Skype for free? The 1000 minutes would allow us to call Japan directly rather than be limited to Skype. SO NO, we will not entertain the $5 add-on just to have a lower price of 5 cents. It's all or nothing.



Thank you for your feedback @nismo1

If anything changes, will be updated accordingly.

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thank you Alyson.