Registered but cannot login to My Account

Registered but cannot login to My Account

Registered but cannot login to My Account

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Registered but cannot login to My Account



I've opened a Fido prepaid account for my dad some weeks ago through a phone call with a Fido Prepaid Support member.  The agent gave me the account number and the phone number, which I then used to register the account.  I've tried multiple times to log in with the new registered account (under my email) and it just kept redirecting me to My Account, giving me an error saying "Sorry, it looks like your My Account info isn't available right now, but it shouldn't be too long. Please try logging in a little bit later."


Here is a screenshot of what it gives me when I click on "Log In" after entering the credentials (em...


I have tried clearing my browser's cookies and history. Also tried to login using different browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox).


Can this error be fixed without calling technical support?  Should I wait longer?  It's much more convenient to use the website than getting info over the phone...




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Have you received an email confirmed when your account was activated to register online? Using the link in that email should enable you to complete the steps for your online access.


We'll be sending you a PM to have a closer look at it together. Talk to you soon!