Regarding Offer that ends December 19th

Regarding Offer that ends December 19th

Regarding Offer that ends December 19th

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Regarding Offer that ends December 19th



I am trying to get the Holiday 10GB special for $60/month and called in a few times and only once it went through, but after the automated message was complete it cut me off. I also tried Facebook messenger and no one responded to me. It's been a couple of days, and I really don't want to miss out on this opportunity and I do find it unfair that I have no way of contacting Fido.


The automated message mentioned that we can do the self serve for the plan online. So I came online, and everytime I select the promotion it asks me to log in (even though I am logged in). Then when I go through the plans, I don't see the promotional ones there. Please help, as I really want to purchase this plan. Again, it is quite unfair that every avenue I've taken isn't working out.

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This is the solution that worked for me, but didn't for others, but it's worth a shot!


Log in > My Account > Change my Plan


Click the BACK arrow of the two small arrows above the plan options. Scroll back until you see the BYOP $60/5GB option. According to a Fido rep here, the additional bonus 5GB will be automatically added to you account.


Hope that helps!

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I have exactly the same issue.  I have been trying since the weekend.  I can't get through to fido 611 or 1-888 number, when I log into My Account, I used to only get errors.  Now, I can see the plans, but I don't see the specific plan for the deal.  I see the many other plans, but not the BYOP $60/5GB option.  Doesn't matter where I "scroll to." 


Is there anything else I can do?

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I got the same problem, there is not any option suggesting 60/10GB

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I could submitted the change but getting message to call Customer Service or LiveChat to complete the change.  Keep calling, the line drop and no LiveChat available.  Help!!