Really not happy with fido over my contract renewal

Really not happy with fido over my contract renewal

Really not happy with fido over my contract renewal

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Really not happy with fido over my contract renewal

First of all. I called to renew my contract on December 30th, 2016 and I was not really impressed by what I was offered. It was like just take what we have and then period.  Keep in mind that I have stayed with this company for more couple of years now and my experience with them when I was renewing was not at all satisfying.   I was given a  $100 plan with only 6gb internet with an upgrade to an iphone 7 plus 128 gb.   Other companies such as Bell and telus are having the phone for $548.99 with a $55 per mo per user plus a  $15 additional for internet.  

Telus is having a plan with the same phone for $480 with a $90 monthly payment.  So I am asking myself if Fido really takes into account loyal clients.  


In addition it has been 2 weeks now since I ordered the iphone 7 plus.  But no words yet , no contact what so ever from fido about what's going on. I called and was told to wait and that It wont be long and since it has been cold silence.

So I am very displeased and not happy at all. I hope someone at Fido reads this and take appropriate actions because without valued customers there are no growing business. 

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  In what province are you located? When comparing plans, you really need to compare the same features.


  Firstly, the cost of the phone you quoted for Bell (Ontario) is not accurate for that plan cost. Secondly, the plan you quoted only includes 300 minutes of local calling and the data is 250Mb. I assume your Fido plan is a pulse plan and would likely have unlimited nationwide calling and 6Gb! There's quite a difference in what they offer for that price and what you're getting.


  With regards to the Telus plan you quoted, that's starting at the amount you quoted. To get the same 6Gb and unlimited nationwide minutes, it's quite a bit more per month than your plan.


  Doing a quick tally of total cost (for 7Gb because not all providers offered 6Gb) over the full contract, Fido's Promo Plus25 comes out cheaper than any of Bell's or Telus' current offerings.


  Maybe you don't need unlimited or nationwide calling or perhaps you don't need that much data, however if you're going to compare the different plans, they need to offer the same features.


  I based my calculations on Ontario plans and costs. I assumed your plan was from Ontario. If you're from a different province, your plans and cost may be different. If you are from a different province and the numbers you provided are indeed for plans with the same features as your plan, then I apologise. All too often people note that other providers have better deals without making proper comparisons.


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To build on top of what Cawtau mentioned:


A lot of customers will only look at the price of the phone and neglect the cost of ownership of the phone during the contract years.  The thing I heard the most is "XYZ is offering the latest iphone for $0.  Why should I stick with Fido and not jump ship?" My response is "well, the phone is free, but the minimum cost for the plan is $80.00 and that only includes 500 MB of data. You need 2 GB of data so that will add 30 dollars on top thus your todal is $1100 a month.  In 2 years, you would have paid $2,640 just to use your phone.  Your current 2 GB phone plan costs $56, in 2 years you pay ~ $1,344 which means you can buy out the latest iphone model with the money you saved ($1,269) or join a 2 year contract and just pay more on your phone up front. 


Rule of thumb: Do the math carefully to maximize your savings.

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I can definitely take a look at your order to see what happened!

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