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Re: Temporary account suspension

Re: Temporary account suspension

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Re: Temporary account suspension


I am going abroad in one week and will come back in August. I wanna suspend my SIM card for 3 months. I have a monthly contract with fido. Am I eligible for the suspension? And if so, how can I suspend it? Can I do it online or it has to be in person?

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Hey @captainzoe


Welcome to the community. 


We do not offer any voluntary suspensions while being on a TAB24 agreement.


However you can check out our price plans to lower your monthly cost during your travels. It's important to select a plan from the same category as your current plan; a change from Max to Smart or Smart to Standard could generate a downgrade fee. 


I hope this information was helpful. Smiley 

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Hi Pierre,


I am not in a TAB24 agreement. I just have a monthly plan and I pay $40 every month. Can I suspend my plan for 3 months?


Thank you.

Hey @captainzoe.


As long as you don't have an agreement right now, it's not a problem.

I can take a look at your account with you to see if you're eligible for the temporary suspension.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into Smiley Talk to you soon!!



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I need to reactivate my number but I have no clue how to do it online.

Hey Amir5555,


The temporary suspension is applied for a fixed amount of time so it expires automatically. Do you need to end it early?


By th way I moved your message to this thread since we already had a related topic Smiley


Let me know!