Re: Temporary account suspension

Re: Temporary account suspension

Re: Temporary account suspension

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Re: Temporary account suspension

I will be living abroad from now until September 25th, is there a way I can pause my subscription for that time and continue it?could u plz help to do it? My phone number is *********. Thnx!!!



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@helloirene162 you will have to see if you qualify to have your account put on pause for the few months if not you can lower your monthly plan. A moderator can look into that for you.


Also you should remove your phone number from the post.



If you don't have an agreement and have been active with us for a minimum of 1 month, you're definitely eligible for our current temporary suspension offer. The temporary suspension is $7/month, and can be added for a minimum period of 2 months, and maximum period of 4 months. Note that this offer is subject to change at anytime and we can't guarantee that it will be available again in the future.

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yes I am qualified to have my account paused for few month. I have used Fido for 3 yrs. Could u plz do it?

@helloirene162 I would love to do it for you but unfortunatelly I do not work for Fido i'm just a user like you. A moderator here can do it or you can call customer service.

Hi @helloirene162!


I'll send you a PM shortly to look into this together Smiley



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Hi, i had temporarily deactivated my phone since I was out of Canada for two months. I need to activate it again, but since my number is deactivated,i can't make a call to the customer care number. Please help. Thanks, Rajesh

Hey rajeshdawadi, 


Welcome to the Community. Smiley 


You can remove these kinds of suspensions by calling our toll free number at 1 888 481-3436 from any phone, through live chat, or even from Facebook or Twitter! 


You can check out all of our points of contacts right from here





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I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi there!

I am abroad and want to suspend my service on one of numbers in my account from tomorrow until the time I ask reopen the service on the number. Please let me know something that I need to do.


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Hey CP6, 


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look into your account together. Smiley 


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Hi there,


I need to temporarily suspend my account as I am out of the country. I'm not on any long term plans so I should be elligable. How do I ask for this? Is it possible to do this online or do I need to call Fido?


Thank you.




Hey @alikey


Like @KAPABLE-K said, we can assist you with his here as well Smiley


We would simply send you a PM to take care of this.

Or you can contact us through our other channels here if you prefer.


Let me know Smiley



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Hello Fido Team,


I am going to leave Canada for grad schools. Please advise if it is possible to suspend my current Fido account for more than one year? How much will I be charged monthly?


Thank you in advance! 




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Hi @ziyizhu!


I moved your post to this thread since a similar question was answered here.


Let me know if you have any other questions. Smiley



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Hello. I forgot to suspend my account before travelling abroad for the holidays. Tried contacting customer service but wouldn't seem to be able to connect to anyone.




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Hey @Rkono8


Welcome to the Community! 


I went ahead and moved your post in this thread here as it seemed to fit nicely! 


There are a few ways to connect with our customer support team. You can check them all out right from here


We do indeed offer a temporary suspension as long as you're not currently on agreement. You can check out more details on this offer in the accepted solution above.


Please keep in mind that this offer is also subject to change or expire at anytime. In your case, I've sent you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together. Smiley 

@alikey a temporally suspension can only be done by a Fido representative a moderator here can do it for you.


Alternatively you can also message Fido on Facebook or Twitter.