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Re: Meet the Crew!

Re: Meet the Crew!

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Re: Meet the Crew!

Name, nickname & title

Terry / Taz, but I can’t remember why, haha.


Cat or dog person?

Dog if I want to run and work out and cat if I’m home just chilling.


Coffee or tea?

I’m Chinese… Tea it’s in my blood, haha.


Favorite meal

First: Pho
Runner up: Lamb
Now I’m getting hungry…


Moment of triumph

Always dreamt of getting into a ring to do a mixed martial arts (MMA) match since I was a kid. I lost my first match by decision but the journey was so fulfilling.


Fun fact about yourself

I volunteer to teach Kung-Fu and Lion Dance to kids every week. Their willingness to learn always keeps me going.


Ultimate vacation destination

Anywhere as long I can try the local food there!


Anything else?

I love any sports in general, but MMA and hockey holds a special place in my heart. I’m also a big Dota 2 player.  Smiley Happy