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Name, nickname & title

My everyday name is Gabrielle but here I go by FidoGabrielle, always ready to help. Cool


Cat or dog person?

I used to be a dog person but my landlord wouldn't allow dogs in my apartment, so I adopted two cats instead and I can say without any shame that I am officially a cat person now. These are my baby girls:



Coffee or tea?

Coffee all day every day.


Favorite meal

McFlurries. Very_Happy


Moment of triumph

The day I decided to leave everything behind and step out of my comfort zone to go live in Mexico for a year even though I didn't speak a word of Spanish.


Fun fact about yourself

I'm actually terribly allergic to cats and everybody asks me why I have cats at home. Well, the reason is simple: I love cats more than I love breathing, so there you go. Smiley


Ultimate vacation destination

Amalfi (Italy), Tulum (Mexico), Santorini (Greece), Goa (India), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Lake Louise/Banff (West Canada), and so many, many, many more.


Anything else?

Hmm... Cats? Happy