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Name, nickname & title

My name is Pamela, aka FidoPamela. Everyone calls me Pam. I’ve also had many nicknames coming from typos or people not getting my name right, my personal favorite was Pampa.


Cat or dog person?

Dogs, the bigger the better!


Coffee or tea?

I need coffee to kickstart my day but tea is life. If I had to choose only one, it would be tea.


Favorite meal

Pasta everything, I love them all. I’m also obsessed with pesto.


Moment of triumph

Not very original but I have to go with graduating University. It was a bumpy road, but I made it!


Fun fact about yourself

I’m a winter person and I truly hate summer. I’ll take a -25 over a 25 any day of the week.


Ultimate vacation destination

Australia, hands down. Ironic considering I hate summer but there’s just something to it.


Anything else?

I’m a huge bookworm, I own over 500 books and I tend to buy them faster than I can read them.