Re: 411 scams

Re: 411 scams

Re: 411 scams

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Re: 411 scams

i found it strange to bill you 2.50 each time you call 411 even if you touch it by accident, i charged one tome 12.00 and anoyjer time 10.00 for just for 3 or 4 seconds which i by accident punch the wrong botton which call 411, even i cut it fast but on the bill shows several times for 7, 4, 4 seconds and got billed 2.50 each time.


Even when i called fido and expained all how can i make a contact for 4 seconds and you charged me 2.50 each time, they have no explanation, just telling me is like that, it is they happened in the lst two months and i think is another way to scam people which is a disgrace.    




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Yes it is obsolutly scam. why it is legal to operate in Canada? call 411 and provided full name but can not retrieve the phone # and still have to pay $3.50 per call. it is crazy. how can it legally operate in a Civilization country. unbelievable.

Fido Employee

Hello alis,


Found your post and wanted to add to FidoStephane even if it has been awhile....


411 is actually not a Fido service, it is its own company (part of the yellowpages group I do believe) .  This means that there is no way we can verify if you recieved an actual service from them or not.  Now I know some will say with the length of the call we could manage this, however, this is built into the system: per minute billing.  I would also imagine that Fido has an agreement with said company to facilitate their service on our network which creates a default charge of 2.50$ everytime it is dialed.  My advise try to avoid dialing 411 and/or make sure your screen is well locked before you put it in your pocket.


Now information that is quite vital for our special needs customers:


  • Visually Impaired Customers

You would need to contact us for further assistance on how to apply for this program via Facebook/Twitter.


Hope this helps!

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I'm a Participant Level 1

why am I charged for 2 411 calls that I did not make?

Hey dl2 and welcome to the Community Smiley


Let's verify those calls together.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.



To avoid this happening again, I would like to suggest you to add 411 to your phone blacklist to prevent calling to this number at all, even by mistake. 

If 411 is in your contact list, you can delete this contact as well. 

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I know all new SIM cards come with a SIM entry for 411 Directory assistance? guess what? you can Delete the SIM card entry for 411 that way you dont accidentally dial it.  You DON'T need it on your sim its merely there for convenience, you can still call 411 but you actually have to dial the digits, which is harder than dialing a phone book entry. so by removing the phone book entry, you make it less possible to pocket dial 411


 When you make a call with a cell phone, the counter begins the moment you hit Call,  not when the actual call connects (if it connects)