READ before you get into a contract!!!! Students especially!!

READ before you get into a contract!!!! Students especially!!

READ before you get into a contract!!!! Students especially!!

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READ before you get into a contract!!!! Students especially!!

This goes to all students! You MUST read


I had the worst experience with fido when it comes to moving. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years ever since my first phone. For work reasons, I need to relocate to a remote town in BC where fido has aboslutely NO reception. (now I have come to realize FIDO has little reception out of major cities, not just this town). I still have 8 months to go on my contract. I asked fido to help me out here. My work contract is only for 2 years and I will relocate back to vancouver again. I wanted to keep my number, and I have always thought FIDO was decent.


and NO I am SOOOO wrong. FIDO wants their contract money. There is absolutely NO human aspect to this. I am forced to change company because I needed a cell phone and FIDO has NO reception. I paid FIDO for cell phone contract that has MINUTES and DATA, now they have NO service at all and still wants to charge you. They will NOT freeze the plan for you EVEN IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY!!! (and yes, i am totally willing to pay monthly fee to freeze my contract and keep my number. I can resume my 8 months after I come back in 2 years -> NOT AN OPTION! Fido's answer is - "pay and leave")

I am out on FIDO, after 5 years of never missing a payment and recommending it to friends around me.

FOR all STUDENTS, planning to graduate or graduating like me,

DO NOT buy into a FIDO plan. There are endless career opportunities out there, and FIDO has one of the worst coverage outside of major cities amongst major cell phone companies. YOU DO NOT want to pay them hundreds to break free from a cell phone contract. Plan your switch properly before your new career move. Fido needs 30 days piror notice for change.

My name is KEVIN. I am now a proud resident of Lillooet BC. I understand this is a FIDO forum and will NOT disclose my current cell phone company. My experience is factual and I hope It can help you in NOT making the wrong decisions.




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  Now that this thread has been resurrected...


  I'm not going to comment on the contract because that has been pretty much covered above. I wanted to comment on this statement:


Kevin123135124 wrote:.... FIDO has one of the worst coverage outside of major cities amongst major cell phone companies ...

  The statement is simply not true. However, it did bring up an important point. Mobile coverage for the different providers is not identical. There will be some places (outside of major cities) where Fido/Rogers have better coverage. On the other hand, there will be some smaller places where the other networks have better coverage. That's just the nature of mobile networks -- coverage depends on the location of their cellular towers. You can get an idea of their location here.


  Which network is better should really be which network is better for your situation. Yes, it's true that Fido/Rogers does not have any cellular towers in Lillooet, BC. However, Kevin123135124's cellular company (at the time of posting) would not do someone living in rual Manitoba very much good (except for roaming on Fido/Rogers network).


  Much as changed since Kevin123135124's OP. With the Canadian roaming agreements, customers (with applicable plans) can roam on the other networks as Fido-EXT (extended coverage) without additional fees. It should be noted, though, that use on Fido-EXT is only meant on a temporary basis.


  In addition to reading and understanding any contract one signs, it is also important to determine whether the network suits their requirements.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Hi Kevin what could I say that wasn’t already said? Welcome to the real world where actions/inactions have real consequences. In everything you do there’s a risk factor and it’s up to you to identify, evaluate and if $hit happens manage that risk and don’t expect other’s to do it for you unless you want to pay for it.


You have to understand that there is a limit to what a business can do to accommodate customers and if there are no rules regarding a specific issue neither a CSR nor a manager can makeup some rules for your benefit. You are at the beginning but you’ll learn that sometimes no matter how willing you are you just cannot makeup new rules (don’t have the tools or the power/authority).


You haven’t presented any argument which would justify your frustration with Fido. You obviously are lacking work experience otherwise you’ll know that most ppl at Fido (as in any other organization) aren’t different that you and me or anyone else in this forum and that they are doing their best given the circumstances/job limitations. Now of course that no one is perfect, that we all have our good and bad days and there’s always an 4$$hole inside any organization but over all everybody’s goal is to make the customer happy as long as one can do it inside their job boundaries.


Instead of being frustrated you should be happy that you had this experience and hopefully you learned something. Now just imagine if you would have leased a car and had to move to US and the leasing agreement would have forbidden the use of the car outside Canada for more than 30 days.


You also played your last card, the “Human aspect” and you got lucky and your wish come through so from this point regardless of the outcome (you may not be satisfied with FidoAmanda’s solution) if you want to point the finger at someone look in the mirror.


Good luck



PS. BTW I like the title, maybe next time you’ll read the contract and know what to expect.

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The responses to Kevin are despicable. Fido is an archaic moneysucking company if that is the way they view customer service. In this day and age people are moving contract to contract, sometimes location to location. It's just the way it is. He was willing to pay the freeze fee because he wanted to remain a loyal customer but was told he could not. And they'd rather give him the boot and make him pay hundreds to exit his plan....either that or keep paying for a plan he can't use!!! Obviously he was forced to cancel, and I can imagine his frustration. The rest of you are complete bullies. A contract is a contract, but you know what, not understanding the very valid situation of your customer, (who still would have remained a customer after the 8 month freeze and finished paying the full plan!) is ludicrous. I was with another company and they set the freeze for me the day before I left, no problem. Why does Fido not do that? Exactly what kevin said...Because they don't care!
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Contract is an agreement between 2 parties and it is binding and enforcable by law.  Unfortunely, there is not a lot of room for movement when it comes to contracts. That's why there is an old saying "you sign yor life away". Lots of time people sign without paying attention only to find out when trouble comes and realize how ridgid the contact is.


Golden rule for EVERYBODY: "READ before you sign."  It should be a life long lesson for some. Some learn when they are children, some learn when they finish school, and some learn after getting into trouble.  


The comments to Kevin is not despicable. It is very valid. Try calling your bank and have them hold your mortgage payment for 9 months while you go to another country to work. Let's see how your bank will respond.

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You can also see that the Fido rep said she would review his account to see what could be done....which implies they COULD do it but chose not to before. The comments saying "he should be happy and not frustrated" is despicable and trying to put down someone for voicing valid concerns

Hi there @Otran060


We understand that for everyone, "personal situations" can sometimes occur - that's just the reality of life!


If you have a contract though (meaning you received a phone subsidy, with a 24 month agreement) we don't have any options to "freeze" that account. 


The reason is simple: by taking a contract (phone susidy), the phone user agrees to stay within a plan category, for the duration of the contract. 


(Example: The LG G5 is $800. We offer the phone at $0 with a Plus25 Plan, on a 24 month contract. That means you must keep a  Plus25 Plan for 24 months, minimum. )


Why resurrect a 2+ year old thread? Why am I replying and bumping it up yet again?

Hi @Alex_DC!


Can I help you with anything? Smiley

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I can understand your frustration because you do not like the answers Fido is providing you, but really?  You signed a contract in an area where you did get coverage, under your own will, and your own decision, you decided to take a job outside of somewhere where Fido does not have coverage, and now, you want Fido to cover the last few months of your contract because they should be aware that you were going to move with a few months left on your contract?      Did you check to see if Fido had coverage before accepting this job? I am assuming not, I am assuming you just thought Fido covered all of Canada, which is understandable, but to blame Fido for not letting you get out of your contract when you moved out of there coverage is a bit silly isnt it?

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I have to agree with sheedy17 here,


You entered yourself into a contract, you got the benefits of a subsidized phone through the contract. Through your own actions you made the terms of the contract irrelavent to you, and you expect the other company to work with you?


Since you are just graduating from school I guess you don't really understand how real life works... but you are responsible for your own decisions and the conquences that follow, especially when you sign contracts with other parties, they expect you to follow up to your terms of your agreements.  This happens in life all the time, a car lease, a mortgage, life insurance, a loan. 


Now in terms of your problem there is a very simple solution, terminate your contract with the agreed upon 30days advance notice and pay off the difference you owe Fido for the remaining subsidy you have on your phone. Afterwards you are free to make a new contract with any company or stay month to month without a phone subside to aviod issues like this in the future.


Good luck.

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Hi there!

Please understand that we cannot modify our coverage overnight as much as we’d love to assist all our clients. If you are leaving for 8 months and planning to return, I would offer to review your account to see what can be done. Please send us a private message with your number and email address, we’ll look into it with you!