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Promo for existing customer

Promo for existing customer

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Promo for existing customer

Hi Fido,

I am an existing customer with Fido for quite some time and I the plan I am currently on is $75 for 10G. Today, I saw Fido at the Landsdown mall in Richmond BC offering $65 for 10G however as the line up was long, I decided to call in to see if I would qualify for the same deal.


The first time I called, the agent I spoke to said that he couldn’t find the deal for $65, he can only offer same plan for $70 which is $5 off my existing plan, I asked him why that is, he said that he would search it for me. The agent was very nice, but the wait for his search was too long and my son was screaming so I told him that I would call back.


I called again after probably 30min, the agent who helped me said that the current deal they have is either $10off for 1 year or $10%off for 2 years and I asked him if there is anything else he can do, he said that focus for this Black Friday is on the device.  I asked for the offer on iPhone 8plus, he said 349-$75 and $20 off the hardware fee applied on the bill. Pretty good deal I though but as I know nothing much about the phones and plans, I told him that I would ask my husband for advice and call back as freedom mobile is offering a good deal on the plan without device.


After discussing it with my husband, he said to stick with Fido to save the hassle so I called back thinking all would be documented. The 3rd agent I spoke to first told me that Fido can’t honor plans if customer declined in the first place. I told him hat I did not decline, I wanted to ask my husband for advice. After clarification, he gave me the similar deal with the 8plus but he said that he can NOt do anything with the hardware upgrade and that’s additional $35.  Then I asked instead of upgrading my phone, can he do anything with my contract, he said he can’t do anything at all. I am really pissed off at this point. As you can see,all 3 agent are telling me different things and the 3rd agent basically wasn’t even willing to help me.  


First of all, why is Fido in the mall offering $65 promo but you guys can’t do it over the phone ( if you wonder why I didn’t go to the store for the deal? line up is super long at the Fido store and my toddler is not patient). Secondly, why would your agent offer different promos? Can’t you guys be more consistent over the phone?  


This is definitley NOT a pleasant experience talking to the agents. Please help me with either upgrading my phone or getting a better deal with my existing plan. Thank you!

Former Moderator

Hi @JenJ,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 


In order to determine exactly what happened, because this is account specific, we'll have to access your account. 


Regarding the plan in store, it's not an in-market plan which means it's a specific offer. I'll be happy to take a moment to verify if it's still available! 


You'll receive a private message in a moment.