Problem with reactivate Spotify Premium

Problem with reactivate Spotify Premium

Problem with reactivate Spotify Premium

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Problem with reactivate Spotify Premium

So when I bought my new iPhone 6s I chose the Fido Pulse Max Plan ( comes with Spotify and vice ). I activated okay no problem at all and I've been using it for a couple months now.


Recently I moved and I've been so busy that I forgot to pay my phone bills, because the bills came to my old address and I completely forgot about it, then Fido called me a couple times but I was in school so I can't pick up the phone, then I was cut from this thing ( couldn't call or text or use data ), which is very understandable because I was late. So I finally went to pay the bill, I can call and text again but now Spotify says " Your subscription with one of our partners has just ended, so you are now using Spotify free ... " ( I mean it started when my number was cut from everything else ). But now I mean everything came back but Spotify still saying I'm a free user. I tried to activate with with when I type in my number it says " Uh-oh!  Please complete all fields. " 


How can I get my Spotify Premium back, please help , thanks !!!


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Hi. I had a Fido pulse plan and I recently changed my plan. Now I have the 65$ plan and with Spotify and Fido Roam. But I am unable to activate spotify again. Please help.

Hey Drkartiks!


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Do you mean that your Spotify Premium reverted to the free version when you changed your plan or after your account was suspended due to a past due balance? Are you still within your promo period?


Let us know!


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Having the same problem after repaying my bill

Hey @alejandro101


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Once your payment is posted on your account it may take a day or two for this service to be restored. You'll also need to turn the phone off and back on to get the premium features back. 


I hope this information was helpful. 

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Hey KhangNghi!


Do you mean that your account was suspended because of your late payment?


It sounds like this might have been caused by your suspension but we'll need to take a look in your account to be sure. 


I'll send you a PM shortly to get started. Smiley

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Hello! I am having the same issue. I was late on my payment.. I just paid and I can make calls and text, but I cannot re-activate my spotify account through 


Thanks for you help! 

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I recently activated a plan that provides 6 months free of Spotify premium. I used the premium features for the first day but for some reason I seemed to have gone back to the free subscription. Is someone able to assist me in getting back my premium subscription? 

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Did you try to register again on 

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Yes I did but I am getting an error message; "This Spotify account is already associated with another phone number. Try a different account, or create a new one." 

I'll send you a PM now. Smiley

Hey @gpunzo

If the line was suspended, it can take up to 48 hours before your subscription is back up. Let me know if it's what happened Smiley

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I am having the same issue. i fell behind on my bill and when service was restored, my spotify premium no longer worked. when I try to get a new code it tels me to fill in all fields, which I did by entering my phone number

Hey @jgiordano


Thanks for reaching out about this! We'll send you a PM to have this fixed.

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I'm a Participant Level 1

My Spotify Premium account hasn't been working for a while now and I don't understand why. When I went to the Fido store they told me to contact Spotify customer service and now Spotify told me to contact Fido.


Please help!



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Hey @dk4

Welcome to the Community!What happens when you try to access Spotify?

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Hi, I'm having the same problem (got suspended and now I can't reactivate my Spotify premium). Need help!

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Pls help me. I'm having the same problem too. I can't login to my spotify premium after I paid my bill..

Hi @Angie4!


Can you tell us what's happening exactly?


- Do you have Spotify Premium included with your pulse plan?

- Are you paying for it as an add on for $9.99

- What happens when you log in and how do you know it's not the premium version.


Let us know!

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Yes. It is included in my plan. I checked it already. It says I'm on spotify free. And when I login to premium they're asking me to pay for it.
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Hey @Angie4 


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together. Smiley