Problem roaming in Denmark

Problem roaming in Denmark

Problem roaming in Denmark

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Problem roaming in Denmark

I have fido nomad and even if I enable roaming, I cannot use any type of data. The phone works but internet, text do not.


I tried lte, 3g, enable, disable roaming and cellular data. Even shutdown the phone. Nothing works.


I was in Denmark before, same phone but not using FIDO Nomad and it was working.


Can someone help me out. I tried reaching FIDO support, waited 40min but no answer



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I guess you were able to make calls in Denmark. 


Have you enabled roaming data? Furthermore, have you double checked the APN settings are correct? 


I have not used Fido Roam (or Fido Nomad) before so I won't be any help.

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Hey @Laurentr , 


Are you still unable to roam? 


Let us know if @EFTC's suggestions helped!