Problem on making calls and receiving calls on my s6 edge

Problem on making calls and receiving calls on my s6 edge

Problem on making calls and receiving calls on my s6 edge

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Problem on making calls and receiving calls on my s6 edge

As title say, I'm having problem on making call / receiving call after downloading 5.1.1 lollipop patch on my samsung galaxy edge s6. The SMS still work but I'm unable to make calls. I tried to restart my phone but no go. Also when i try to make calls, I get automated voice message that said "The number you are calling is not assigned".




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Re: Problem on making calls and receiving calls on my s6 edge

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UPDATE! A fix will be rolling out soon.


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Still happening after the fix. Much less frequently but still.

Caused some panic when family became unreachable today. Not funny any more.
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I have same issue on my S6 Edge. 


check my thread and let me know if samething

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Im also having this issue where people call me and the call goes straight to voicemail. Furthermore i get double sms from people.


The temporary fix isnt working for me, is there anything else I could do? Im going to start losing clients if this doesnt get resolved soon, I would like an answer please.


Thank you



What is the temporary fix that you did?

UPDATE! A fix will be rolling out soon.


Click here for more information.

Hey @johnnnnnythis thread will be updated as soon as we have more information.

Hey everyone,


Some customers who have updated their Samsung GS6 or GS6 edge to Android 5.1.1 with build number ending in “0I6” are intermittently unable to receive voice calls or SMS.


The current workaround is to disable LTE in the Phone Network Settings by going to SettingsMore networksMobile NetworksNetwork Mode - choose GSM/HSPA.


We’ll send a text message to everyone who is affected once the fix is available and pushed from Samsung suggesting that you perform the update and re-enable LTE if it was disabled.

We've got another thread that we'll be updating as soon as we receive news, so keep an eye out!


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Ever since last night's OTA update to 5.1.1, my Samsung Galaxy s5 has been nearly crippled. Mobile data is not working at all, and sms and MMS messages are only working occasionally. As far as I know, I haven't missed any calls... Is there an update on a fix yet?

Hi Js_fido!


We're still working with Samsung and our network partners on a fix. As a temporary fix, you can switch your network mode to HSPA.



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It's been over 2 weeks since I've started experiencing these call issues on my S6 Edge. Switching my network mode to HSPA doesn't seem to resolve the issue 100% of the time. I'm still getting reports from people trying to contact me that my phone number goes straight to voicemail.


I am paying a monthly fee for a working cellular service. I sure hope Fido has some sort of compensation planned for all of us that have been affected by this service failure, especially if this situation continues for much longer.

You are lucky its only been two weeks for you I have been having this issue since the first 5.1.1 update at the begining of September and Fido still continues to take full money for services not provided. I think its time to start making complaints to BBB and CRTC.


HSPA won't work Fido knows it also yet they tell you to set the phone on HSPA it only work on GSM only.

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Yes this is very disappointing. A fido support made me fill out a form in order to sent me a PM only to say the exact same thing as they say here............... Are your fido supporters automated or what?

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I am having the exact same issue with my gf`s s6 edge and my s6 edge cant recieve some texts and they all come in randomly and sometimes it just goes right to voicemail... kinda sad when I have to call off Facebook and it's more reliable

Hello polish_tom and welcome to the Community.

That doesn't sound right. I'm sending you a PM now to verify all of this with you.


Talk to you soon Smiley

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I have the exact same problems with calls going straight to voicemail and text messages being delayed, that sounds about right for this phone at the moment.

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So far that seems stable. I'm recieving texts and calls again. Just data is super slow..but it'll do until 5.1 is fixed
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Is this a Fido problem or a Samsung problem? Do iPhone users have this issue?

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I have the s6 and I updated to 5.1 a few days ago. My texts are being delayed and I'm not getting any incoming calls.

I've had my network reset on the 9th from live chat and then called fido on the 10th and was told to do a factory reset. I did the factory reset and it did nothing. Still getting delayed texts and no incoming calls. Went to a fido kiosk today and was told to wait for a new update to fix. Seriously? That's ridiculous.

Somebody help.

Good morning Cindyh!


Can you disable the LTE on your phone? You need to go in Settings->Wireless & Network-> Mobile network->Connection mode: select GSM ONLY. 


Let me know if that makes a difference for you.