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Why doesn't Fido price match their competitor to retain customers?




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Hello Jk22,


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  When you're comparing the different providers, make sure you're comparing similar services. Some providers can offer cheaper plans because they offer lesser services. Their plans might seem attractive, however, their network (or services offered) might not necessarily suit your needs.


  For example, Chatr does not offer LTE -- even though they use Rogers' networks. Additionally, many of Chatr's plans are In-Zone only. Public Mobile does not offer any customer service. Freedom Mobile's network is not as robust and there coverage is still limited by Home and Away networks...


  Often you're just not paying for what you're not getting.


  It's true Fido rarely price match plans. Expecting a provider to match the price of a plan offering lesser services is not reasonable. If you do decide to go with one of the other providers, just make sure their services serves your needs.


Hope this helps Smiley