Prepaid voucher PIN digits missing on store receipt

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An update for our valued customers: We know you depend on us and on April 19, we let you down - for this we are truly sorry. You won’t be charged for your wireless services that were impacted on Monday, April 19. A credit equivalent to that day's wireless service fee will be applied to your May bill. This will be done automatically & no action is required by you.

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Prepaid voucher PIN digits missing on store receipt

Prepaid voucher PIN digits missing on store receipt

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Prepaid voucher PIN digits missing on store receipt

What happens when the Refill PIN # on the store receipt is missing some digits, due to printer problems? The vouchers are non-refundable. That happened to me once, I managed to guess it correctly since there's only one digit that's somewhat blotted out. Have to remember to check the receipt while at the store.

I also have to comment on the poor communication of Fido. The transaction page just lists the dollar amount of all transactions, don't understand why it's so difficult to add "+" and "-" signs to CLEARLY indicate whether it's credit or debit. Also the monthly account fee (or admin fee) should not be added to the airtime balance since it has nothing to do with the available airtime. I need to keep separate notes since it's impossible to rely on the online account page alone to know how much airtime I have. For example, if before refill, the balance is 40.00, then I refill 20.00, the balance will show 60.00, but that's not the available airtime, the airtime is actually 60.00 minus whatever the account fee is.


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Hey @Almf!


If there's an issue with the voucher, the store should be the one to clear up the confusion. Hence if the issue happens again, please speak with the agent so they correct it for you.


Thanks for your feedback on the prepaid section of the site. As for the 25$ admin fee, we're you referring to the 25$ hardware upgrade fee?