Prepaid balance over $150

Prepaid balance over $150

Prepaid balance over $150

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Prepaid balance over $150



I recently got a text message from Fido saying that I can only have a maximum prepaid balance of $150, starting in February 2018. Currently, my account has around $220 and the expiry date is in mid-December 2018. 


Does that mean my balance would be reduced to $150 in February?

Is there anyway that I can be compensated for the deduction of ~$70 worth of airtime?



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Re: Prepaid balance over $150

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Thank you for getting back to us, @oggiedoggie!


I want to assure you that we will not be expiring any balances for customers using our pre-paid services at the end of the year. With our former policy, we noticed that a small number of customers had accumulated a high balance. The cap will give customers plenty of room to use their phone as they like, without carrying or building a large balance.


As part of this process, our team has reached out to affected Fido customers to make them aware of the options available to them to help them use their remaining balance in a way that’s right for them.


This said, we do want to work towards a solution with you. In order to do that, we can send you a PM right here on the Community or you can even reach out to the Office of the President advisor handling your case.


Let us know what works best for you and we’ll be more than happy to assist! 



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I noticed that even though you replied to this person's post from now approximately 10 months ago, nowhere does anyone ever answer as to what or how a person will be compensated for the remainder that IS stolen. In that person's case, $70 was the question ie: what happens to it!? No matter where I've searched and read, many have the same complaint and Fido appears to be quite happy to whittle down their accumulated balance to the cap of $150 either by allowing them to take what might even be into the hundreds of dollars more BUT will graciously allow one to just rest for a year, possibly do nothing by way of using the services (if it applies to them) and again, yep, take everything above that $150 for Fido themselves, Umm, excuse me oh generous one, BUT the customer HAS already paid to bank that money into THEIR ACCOUNT and something Fido will find soon enough or at a later time when a class action suit is initiated, Fido just might be ordered to compensate even EX-customers at a later time. Funny thing about those class action suits too, sometimes they are slowly working towards their respective goal(s) in the background..............Crimes may or may not have a statute of limitaions depending on what were committed but class actions do not. 10 to 20 years down the road isn't nor has it been for some either.............Fido can redeem themselves by refunding ALL who request all over and above the newly created cap or $150, that is IF they decide to continue on with Fido to begin with (or Rogers too since it is the parent company after all....)

:Hey @oggiedoggie,


Thanks for sharing your concerns and we greatly appreciate the feedback. If you do have any unresolved issue that you would like us to look into, please let us know. We're here to help and we'll gladly take the time to look into it.


I would also like to clarify how your Prepaid service was compared to nowadays. Essentially, we offer vouchers that provide a balance for a set period of time :


  • $10 valid for 30 days
  • $20 valid for 30 days
  • $30 valid for 30 days
  • $50 valid for 60 days
  • $100 valid for 365 days

As you can see, when topping up $10 each month, your account balance will be valid for 30 days only. After which, you'll have a 7 days grace period to refill again or your account balance will be lost.


Generally speaking what we noticed, is that customers with low usage would refill $10 monthly and keep doing so while increasing their monthly balance ending up with an amount they did not wish to lose. So they would keep refilling and increasing their balance. That being said, even if that was not the case once you wind up with an account balance of $200+ your options on a Prepaid service were previously limited. You had the choice to :


  1. Switch to a monthly service and have that balance forwarded there
  2. Increase your usage to lower your balance based on our pay per use rates.
  3. Stop refilling and lose your balance.

That being the case, we implemented a cap to ensure that high balances would be avoided. we've also added the option to use part of your account balance to increase the validity period of your balance. To answer to @CAVANNVS 's concerns, by extending your validity period, you won't need to refill $10 monthly, and thus not continuously increase your monthly balance.


In other words, if you've chosen to extend your validity period for 12 months for example, and you've just purchase a $10 voucher for the current month. After 30 days, you don’t have to refill your account until the expired date (in 12 months), or your balance runs out. There will be no 7 days grace period that applied after the initial 30 days. 


Keep in mind though that this promotion only offers an extension of the expiry date of your account. Airtime is not included. You would be on a pay per use basis for any usage, unless you activate your plan for airtime coverage. In numbers that would give you something similar to this : 


  1. $50 "voucher" for 6 months with no airtime included
  2. $100 "voucher" for 12 months with no airtime included

On a side note. say your validity period is until Dec. 31st 2018, the extension continues from that date as it adds up. It does/should not override that date.


Let us know if you have any questions Smiley


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I notice that no matter who wades in, not a single person is willing to offer one other solution that Fido just might be forced to. No company or business should act in such a deceitful, dishonest and criminal way for when they WILL STEAL a person's accumulated balance. I state it elswhere and will state it again here, nothing short of a refund will suffice. IE: if and when I contact someone in administration and request a specific amount, what they do will determine what happens for the future. Why exactly do so many of you who supposedly speak for Fido, always offer the verbal policy in your rebuttal? Perhaps a new quest, maybe answer why thievery seems to be the preferred choice for alienating current and future potential customers? As requested of Cawtau, maybe you can show me in any policy from the past and pretty much up to late last year of 2017 where someone advises/advised any new customers (IN WRITING of course) of what a high or large balance is. I could-if ity comes to that, lose the majority of my accumulutaed balance over and above $150 because I'm not done now nor will I be done long after I leave Fido (and Rogers too) because eventually this will hurt Fido in many ways. How about IF you have nothing to add but your interpretation(s) of what you think I don't already know, you just refrain from commenting? I was and am fully aware of what $$ amounts pertain to the timeframe, I'm certainly aware of what Fido has enacted more recently regarding the $150 cap but if you look deep into my comments, you'll find that even though this reduction of accumulated balances has been in the works since at least last year (if not in the planning stages even before that), at no time during my conversations/discussions with anyone who answers the phone at HQ, was it stated about the balance about to be stolen. I've stated this a number of times already, I DID receive offers that I could convert to a monthly account if so desired, one would think that at that time an additional statement would be "because we're capping it at $150." I've already challenged many in these forums "show me where YOU contacted me either via email or a text message that you alerted me to the pending cap limit. I'm 100% positive certain that NOT ONCE was I notified. Think about it Saad, 9/11/12 @19:47, I applied for the prepaid account at a Fido Kiosk in a mall and since I had my actual email address for 5 years by that time in 2012, I continued to use it and signed up with Fido with THAT email address yet never a message regarding a cap being in the works. Far too many continue to fail to see the obvious disregard for actual respect to any customer(s) if they don't bother to alert them about something that will affect a large chunk of funds left in an account. Policy: IF a customer fails to reload by the due date and within that 7-day grace period, they lose said balance. Agreed and no disputing this policy. I do dispute and challenge Fido to STEAL from as many they can based on the statements you and others provided and then just wait until the garbage hits the fan. Whatever and no matter what happens on or by December 31st, apparently I will still be able to duke it out with anyone who has attempted to wrong me since there's nothing like a statute of limitations when it comes to dishonesty and poor management of policies and blatant disregard for customers. At present my complaints do rest with CCTS as well as The CRTC and it appears I'm not the only one who has complained about this situation either.


If you've made it this far, consider how ridiculous and blatantly FALSE for what you state here "Switch to a monthly service and have that balance forwarded there." Oh-OH! Others questioned that as well andwere advised that the $150 cap would still prevail IE: IF say, I decided to forward my balance and acquire a monthly plan, Fido would STILL STEAL anything over and above the $150. Theft is theft, I paid into an account and at no time in the very near past was I or most anyone else informed that we were building up our accounts to something not acceptable. Of course Fido had no problem with accepting my monthly top-up, just as they didn't have a problem with it around the beginning of October 2018. The "robot" did reply with a text that my next date of top-up was 30 days from the October load to November's date. This proves that there is far too much reliance on commentary from "moderators" because you continually fail to see the contradictions. Probably why after 6 years of being on the prepaid account I never once was notified about the pending cap but had to actually drag it out of a rep. from customer support and for whom I might add, totally agreed with me that it is in fact theft and that "he wished he could rectify this for me..."

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and this will be a good one for all to realize is a total contradiction and I doubt if anyone can easily explain why Fido continues to do this:


October 02, 2018 I topped up my account with a $10 voucher.


October 11/18 1:00PM this arrived via text:
"Hi, it's Fido: We just wanted to thank you for being a customer and let you in on a great offer. Since your balance is $397.45 as of October 3, 2018, you can now trade in $100 to extend your expiry date by 1 year! Just call 1-888-482-3436 to say goodbye to refills until the year is up, or your balance runs out! Questions? Reply STOP to opt out of Fido text msgs."
Ironically, my balance WAS approximately $396-ish when I reloaded so by the 11th OVER $400.
ALL should note that I have been offered a one-year extension but NOWHERE does it state that I will be capped at $150. An oversight or blatant dishonesty and in order to extend by a year and knock of 100 bucks, I have no doubt that someone in customer service would then state "but we'll steal anything above $150...of course..."
You still don't get it though do you (moderators), the inconsistencies and contradictions DO continue to this day.
This IS why many a former or present customer of Telcos have valid criticisms and complaints about dishonest tactics and practices by same.
Think about this too. I'm fully aware of the policy changes to present, I've amassed a fair amount of proof that many things are ommitted by those who SHOULD BE stating changes etc. quite loudly as well as offering same in writing!
The aboce should concern many of you since it's blatant deception. One should expect better of those who create and/or change policies!
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When one views the preceding posts, it is abundantly clear that, Fido wants to eliminate the current prepaid by the minute plan and force customers into a more expensive by the month prepaid plan. The Customer Reps., will of course, claim that the by the month plans represent greater value.  If they (the CSR) do si claim, they will be demonstrating an abysmal ability in basic mathematics.  


Fido will allow current by the minute plan customers to carry on with that plan as long as they pay at least $20.00/30 days.  That sum may be either airtime, or $10.00 for airtime and $10.00 for data. If you insist on paying only $10.00/30 days, your account will be "migrated" to a prepaid by the month plan.  In other words "pay more, or else..."!      Some would call that a price increase, others, a negative option.  Perhaps "extortion" may be closer to the truth.


Consider other telcos in other countries.


I have two prepaid T-Mobile US Gold Rewards accounts.  In a nutshell:  over the years, I reached a total of $100.00 in refills for each account. Once that total was achieved, the expiration period of 90 days was extended to 365 days. In addition any further payment of $10.00 gets 15% extra airtimeand extends the expiration to 365 days. Calls are charged at a rate 0f !.00/3 minutes. NO long distance! T-mobile has now discontinued this type of plan..  That is, no new accounts may enter that plan.  However, my two accounts are now designated as "Legacy" and remain valid.  No forced conversion to another plan, My wife and I use tthose accounts when we go into the US.  We will be using them next month in Mexico. Sure, T-MO charges more for roaming in Mexico, but the price is nowhere near what Fido might charge. 


What is important, is the "legacy" aspect of the account.  Fido could quite easily introduce a similar system for their prepaid by the minute plan.  However, Fido might be accused of committing that most heinous of sins - good customer service!


In addition to T-Mo, I maintain two accounts with Three Mobile (UK).  My current balances will never expire, provided that, each account has one monetary traansaction every 6 months. Ho do I handle that fom Canada. Simple! Put both SIMs into phones, text phone A from Phone B and reply B to A!  Costs for Three Mobile usage. Eat your heart out Fido!  Calls, 3 pence/minute. (~$0.051 CDN). NO incoming charges. Texts 2 pence each and data 1 penny/MB.  Long Distance is non-existent. Roaming (anywhere in Europe) is non-existent. Last year, I paid the same rates in Rome as I did in London. 


Two far better plans.  So what should Fido do?

a) Reduce the exorbitant 40 cents/minute call rate to something which is more realistic.

b) Eliminate the incoming call charge.

c) Eliminate long distance charges

d) Reduce the text charge to a realistic value.

e) Reduce the exorbitant data charge to a more realistic value.

f) Extend the prepaid expiry period to 90 days or greater. (At $10.00/period)


As for those accounts with balances >$150.00.  They should continue, without any required refills, until such time that the balance is reduced to (for example)  $100.00.  Why not? It's our bloody money!


That having been said, let's hope that the CRTC and CTC will bring Fido to heel!



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BANG ON! Wel said regarding the CCTS and the CRTC. It appears that what I have advised in my previous posts, IS catching on. Fido does want all to migrate to their more profitable plans. IF they deem someone to be worthless just because they pay $10 per month BUT that person doesn't even use the account that much, what's that tell you.


Simpler math. I pay $10 and automatically have to pay $.75 of that for 911. Whoop-dee-doooooo! So, does it actually cost Fido $9.25 a month for them to NOT have to send me any monthly statements and the only other thing I have IS a login to my account?


Have YOu noticed that this company also does not provide one (for that online account) an actual record of who's called you? I can leave my phone on and the number shows up if it isn't blocked but nope, no record of it online. Pretty lousy and I actually believe that someone explained it away as being a privacy issue. I disagree since although no one has ever called me with a blocked number, why the contradiction as to actually being able to see it when the call comes in on my phone BUT not from within my online account? It used to show there BUT Fido also cut a corner and stopped providing evidence of calls. Is it because IF I have voicemail and someone does leave a message and I see the number when I log into Fido, I can just call them from another phone and not incur any charges because I didn't spend a few pennies from my prepaid or paid $.40 to check my voicemail? Fido IS yet another cheapskate because they seem to imply or cry poverty and they're not making any money from their prepaid customers???


I know of a few people who don't have a lot of extra funds to even be able to afford a cell phone plan both prepaid or post paid and from what I see with Fido, they see little value from even those who might only require a cell phone for the most occasional of calls or even for an emergency. To summarize it better, IF you ain't paying us that $40-plus for a GB of data, then you're worthless or useless to us."


I agree with what you said but from I'll surmise about what Fido might do, it may not surprise you to hear it, at all. What you propose is thus: allow us to use up our balances as we see fit and to allow us to top-up as required. Fido still makes no mention of "when" we must use up the balance to drop down to the $150 so what then? IF I were to hand over $100 tomorrow and then get an extension for 365 days and do nothing but let it ride, then next year they'll take another $100. Since I have had no problem adding$10 at the beginning of October, November will soon be here and then December, what IF I feel like loading up $200 more in total and then let that ride until the next few years? Fido cannot prevent me from topping up next month or even December because according to them, the cap of $150 kicks in at the end of the year, NOT before that.


A truly contradictory change in policies, Fido employees STILL not able to factually quote from the Fido Bible so is it that they're still being left out of the loop, are incompetent or it keeps changing so often that few of them can keep up???


..............................and wait for it.........


This latest round of hearings has theft crying foul once again (and still continuing to cry poverty). I do disagree with those who knock any telco when they state "I had to sign up for X years or term" since I myself have NEVER signed a contract for 2 or 3 years just so I could get that (fictitious) free phone and then of course end up paying about 3 grand for 2 or 3 years on the plan. Instead, I signed up for my postpaid one, pay it religiously on time every month and make absolutely no cahnges whatosever because to do so would mean I'd lose my benefits of that grandfathered plan. They couldn't make me change it, often tried to bait the hook with the option for me to get a new plan and they"d throw in that iPhone for free (of course) but I finally told them to quit offering as I was never going to fall for that nonsense. Customers who do sign up and then renege and want the government to step in so one can get out of a contract one actually signed (and probably wasn't forced to at all) make me pretty angry since it also works the other way around for Fido doingwhat they're doing regarding prepaid customers' balances. Funny how just recently they found out it would be a lot wiser to NOT nuke the balnce if it is/was over $150 huh? The word THEFT must have finally hit home. I have no doubt that my complaints to both parties applies somewhere in there as well.


I'm personally now awaiting a reply back from "The Office of the President to see how they'll honour my own request(s), that will probably happen sometime this coming week (Oct. 29th to Nov. 5th)

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Warning, make sure you remove your auto-refill option for your pre-paid account.  Unauthorized charges from Fido showed up on my credit card statement.


While my balance was way over $150 in June 2018, Fido made additional 5 unauthorized charges to my credit card to make my pre-paid balance even higher. 


Fido charged $70 + tax in June, and another $40 + tax in July to my credit card, without my permission.  So far Fido only refunded the June $40 + tax since "it was charged by mistake" per Fido.  Fido admitted the July $40 + tax charge was also by mistake in an email sent to me on July 25, 2018, and promised to refund that amount too.


Since then I have called Fido on Aug. 24, Sept, 5, and Sept 19 and spent hours with the very unfriendly CSRs, but the July $40 + tax refund has never shown up on my credit card.


Is it Fido's way to rob its customers by making unauthorized charges, so that Fido can rip off the amount over $150 at year end?

Former Moderator

Hey @by007


That doesn't sound right at all. Automatic payments should only happen if you have them set up through Auto Refill. 


I will be happy to look into this and see what happened there. I'll be sending you a PM here shortly. 


Chat soon! 

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I just tried to trade $50 for 6 months airtime online and there is no option for trading airtime at all. In addition to that, when paying for the airtime, $50 only extends the balance for 60 days not 6 months. Please clarify.

I would also like to add, as a Fido customer almost since its inception,this is a really poor way to treat loyal customers! I have never had an issue with Fido before but was extremely annoyed when I received a text message explaining this change and also one that informed me my service would be automatically changed unless I contacted Fido to keep it the same. If I wanted to change my service I would have contacted Fido. Instead, I had to waste my time making a phone call in order to keep my existing service. 

Hey @Deedee2


Welcome to the community Smiley


The airtime extension using your $50 from your balance is not available via self-serve.  Since it is a promotion, you need to contact customer service to apply it.


You can reach them using any of the options here.  Alternatively, we can send you a PM.


Keep us posted!

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You're calling that a "promotion?" Hardly, it's just so Fido can sort of avoid theft of a person's "banked and paid for balance." Fido should read my long post and understand it since I'm not the only one who has complained to the CCTS. This too was recently offered to me-the part where I could cut $100 from my balance to extend to one year BUT still anything above $150 left, stolen. I hope Fido management is taking a good look at that part since I currently have $400 (as of Sunday September 16/18) and will be adding $10 on October 2nd. So, by Fido's warped version of math or finance, my $410 or so minus $100 equals $150. See the point? You're willing to allow customers-and longtime ones at that, to take a chunk of their accumulated and paid-for balance to extend for one year YET the $100 vouchers you used to allow one to purchase, are no longer anywhere to be found? That to was mentioned to the CCTS and it proves that you're even currently in contravention of your own policies. I heard quite some time ago that the $100 option (purchasing a $100 amount for one year) was discontinued so it appears that Fido just might be running scared and is ion fact in contravention of CCTS regulations.

Hey @oggiedoggie


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate every opportunity to improve the service we provide and I'll make sure to pass it along to the team in charge.


That said, we sent a text notification to all impacted customers by this change in our policy. I am sorry to hear this wasn't the case for you.


As for your complaint, you're fully entitled to file a one if you're not satisfied with the service, but I'd like to clarify that all our offerings and promotions fall within the rules and regulations outlined by the CRTC and enforced by the CCTS. When it does come to pricing and policies, I assure you that we're 100% aligned


I am sure we can take a look at your options together and see how we can turn this experience around for you. 


I'll send you a PM shortly.

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As previously stated. "I've spoken to your CSR's on many occasions and "NO, not a single one of them mentioned the $150 cap until most recently." Did you actually read through my whole complaint? Others have stated LAST YEAR they received either text messages or emails but nope, this was not the case for my prepaid account. Fido is well known to not be as efficient as they could be and this has been admitted and/or confirmed during numerous conversations with the CSR's. They did in fact mention of a few occasions that there was an offer on the table as for changing over from a prepaid to a post-paid monthly account but one should question why not a single one of them would then state something that should be obvious to many, about the pending dilemma for many with high balances. You personally should really look into even the current policy since I was able to find it on your site as for how Prepaid actually works and for "carrying over an unused portion of a monthly balance" and of course that can only be done when customers refill within the allowable timeframe. This is a direct quote as found on the Fido site just a littlw while ago so that too will help with your nonsense about being 100% aligned. Read on:



How Prepaid Plans work


Choose a plan type that works for you:

  • With a prepaid By the Month plan, you’re paying for your service in advance, regardless of whether or not you use up all of the talk, text or data features in your plan. Prepaid refills are non-refundable regardless of the method of payment.
  • With a prepaid By the Day or By the Minute plan, you’re paying for when you use the service. As long as you refill a minimum of $10 every month, your unused balance will carry over to the following month.

Fill up your account balance to start using your phone:

  • For information on how to refill your account, click here.
  • Voucher is one method of refilling. Different voucher amounts have different expiry dates (vouchers can be used with any plan type and can be applied by phone or online):"

So, in a nutshell, by the month a person pays the low amount of $10 and should they not use it up by the end of said month, it is then carried over. That's the way it's always been and in Fido's thieving ways they've conveniently made it quite hard for anyone to find the other part your company has now invented as for the $150 cap. Since many of us have been using the service for a number of years, perhaps YOU point us all in the right direction and provide the link to advise new as well as old(er) customers. As for that text etc. whereby you're requesting my other information, so sorry but that won't happen. Fido isn't really entitled to much at all by way of a prepaid customer's information and that's also the way it was 5 years ago when the PREPAID account was applied for and successfully acquired. Fido has happily taken my cash for those years yet is now choosing to STEAL from my accumulated balance (in a few months of course.

Hey @oggiedoggie


I'm sorry to read you feel this way about the service.  As we mentioned, we have forwarded your to the team in charge of the program. 


We would be happy to take a look at the options available to you.  If you want to do that, you can reply to our PM.

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you should be able to call the customer service center of Fido, as i did the same with rogers prepaid, i had over 300$ credit with them, i told Rogers to deduct the amount over an 3 years. 

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I am in the same boat. Could you let me know what are my options?



Hey @eyeweyew


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.



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Ok, i'm getting contradicting info from PM. My current balance of $257 will expire May 26. I just want to know if I change my By minute prepaid plan to a monthly prepaid plan ($10.75/month), will my balance remain and when will it expire?

Hey @eyeweyew


Switching from a prepaid plan to a different prepaid plan (even one that is by the month) will not change the fact the balance will be capped at $150 by the end of the year. 


For now, to avoid an upcoming top up, we can use some of your balance to extend your expiry date. This means your service will remain active for a set number of days without requiring an additional top up.


Feel free to answer to our most recent PM and we can continue with you there. Smiley 

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Could someone take a look into my account and PM me what my options are? BTW I'm looking for a solution to spend my balance in "a way that’s right for me".