Prepaid balance over $150

Prepaid balance over $150

Prepaid balance over $150

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Prepaid balance over $150



I recently got a text message from Fido saying that I can only have a maximum prepaid balance of $150, starting in February 2018. Currently, my account has around $220 and the expiry date is in mid-December 2018. 


Does that mean my balance would be reduced to $150 in February?

Is there anyway that I can be compensated for the deduction of ~$70 worth of airtime?



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Re: Prepaid balance over $150

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Thank you for getting back to us, @oggiedoggie!


I want to assure you that we will not be expiring any balances for customers using our pre-paid services at the end of the year. With our former policy, we noticed that a small number of customers had accumulated a high balance. The cap will give customers plenty of room to use their phone as they like, without carrying or building a large balance.


As part of this process, our team has reached out to affected Fido customers to make them aware of the options available to them to help them use their remaining balance in a way that’s right for them.


This said, we do want to work towards a solution with you. In order to do that, we can send you a PM right here on the Community or you can even reach out to the Office of the President advisor handling your case.


Let us know what works best for you and we’ll be more than happy to assist! 



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Hey @User3512, sending you a PM right now. 

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I haven't seen any publicly posted options yet , can i get a PM in my inbox for realistic options for my account. 

Hey @jeangray


There hasn't been new options as of yet! 


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at your account. 

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I must be doing something wrong ... Inbox -> 0 of 0 messages "You have no private messages."

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@ytsui we are on the same boat.  This is nothing but robbery.  I'd encourage you to file complaints to CRTC and CCTS.

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I opened a case with Fido rep over the phone more than a week ago regarding this, and requested somebody from Fido to contact me to give an explanation.  Just because "it is according to the terms and conditions" is simply not acceptable.  As @payasyougo7070 said, it is robbery.  Unfortunately so far nobody at Fido has contacted me.  I am going to inform CBC Go Public about this by the end of the month.   I am also considering open cases with Better Business Bureau, CCTS, and other regulatory organizations.

Hey @by007,


I'm sorry to learn that we haven't gotten back to you yet.


I'll send you a PM right away on here to look into it.


Talk to you soon.

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@FidoClaudia Somebody who claimed to be from your office of president (ext. ****) sent me an SMS to ask him call him.  Has been called him for the whole week but no answers.  I left at least 5 voice messages.  I even provided him my email.  No reply, nobody cares.


I am going to submit the cast the CBC Go Public on Feb. 1st as my first step.

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Hey @by007


Due to higher volumes, there are delays with the call backs from our Office of the President. I assure you, you will be called back!


Thanks for your patience! Smiley

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I'd also like to voice my frustration with this new policy as I too use my phone mainly for emergencies (local and while traveling) and have accumulated a large balance.  Since receiving the text message informing of the change, I have had no communication from Fido aside from an e-mail 2 days ago offering to extend my expiry date by 6 months for $50.  


When I contacted Fido, I was given the option to extend my expiry date by 2 years for $200 but will still lose the rest of my money over the $150 cap at the end of the year.  As with the previous posters, this is something that is unacceptable to me.  When I referenced the Toronto Star article and how both individuals were able to extend their expiry date AND have the usual $100 yearly extension fee waived (due to general usage and likely a gesture of goodwill to allow the balance to be used up in an agreeable manner), I was informed that this was not possible with Fido as the company uses different tools than Rogers (e.g., systems).  Although the Fido representative assisted me as best as she could, I have problems with this explanation as well as with the lack of communication.


I would like to find out what options Fido is planning on offering to affected customers so that I make an informed decision on how to use my accumulated balance in the way that best suits my needs, rather than throwing money away in order to reach the $150 balance cap. 

Hey @kmarin and thanks for reaching out.


Let's verify your current available options now.

I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon Smiley

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I'm in the same position as others that have a balance in excess of the new "limit" .  The current "options" are of no use to me and I use my phone infrequently so I cannot use up my balance prior to stolen by Rogers


Why not publicly post what the new options are ?  not everyone has time to sit on hold for hours. 


Sad that this is the way Rogers treats long standing customers.


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If I see a penny is removed from my pre-paid account, Fido will lose me as a customer for good!  Please send this message to your management loud and clear!


This prepaid account is our emergency only phone, so we really don't care if Fido is the carrier or not.  After more than two decades being a Fido customer, finally Fido gives us a reason to leave for a better cellphone provider.

Hey @by007, thanks for reaching out.  


Like @FidoMaria said above, the changes are in accordance to our termes and conditions. Your feedback is always appreciated and we do hope that you will change your mind on this.


  I made sure to forward your comments to the right team.

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Fido may do whatever according to its own terms and conditions, but we don't have to be Fido customer any more if we don't like this change.  


As I said, we will leave Fido if a single penny is removed from the prepaid account. If you would like us to continue being your customer, then it's better let Fido's management change their mind.


This account has been opened with Fido for two decades.  If Fido does not care losing such loyal customers, why do we care?

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Hi @payasyougo7070


Would you like me to send you a PM to go over the upcoming changes with you?

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No, thank you. We all understand what the changes imply, we know what the compensation is (none) and that is why we are angry.


Fido's contact form, which promises a response within one business day, has quite naturally not produced any results.


I will let my complaint with the CRTC do the rest of the talking.


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I too have now filed a complaint with the CCTS since until just recently, Fido Customer Service had NEVER once advised about a $150 cap for my prepaid service. I've now had the same account number for approximately 5 years and thruout that time, basically banked $10 per month and used the service sporadically, It should be noted that when some ask others with high balances (mine currently stands at $400 and I'm about to load $10 more at the beginning of October) "why do you accumulate so much if you're not going to use it up" it actually does NOT concern any of you why some of us CAN afford to do so. For about 1 year I would occasionally contact customer service when I would change my number "ONLINE" and for free as stated in Fido's terms. Amazingly soon after that change was made via online self-service, yep, $35 came out of my balance. This actually happened 4 times in total and twice I was given additional credit of $35 in addition to the 4 refunds of the $35 they stole from me. Not once did any CSR ever advise that Fido successfully fixed that problem so one can easily see that even though on the website one is advised "free to change it yourself but we'll charge you if you require our help." During all those calls to complain about the thievery of my $35 each time I changed my number, the CSR's DID in fact offer "you know, you can change to a postpaid account if you like but not once did they mention that they had created a cap of $150 and for which I now see that it was actually suggested last year in 2017. Go figure huh, to this day i'm still reading from the Fido reps in such discussions that they've told users or they can forward the changes in terms or policies. tell you what though, 5 years ago there was no cap in place so I'm still on the same prepaid I started with then. 40 cents per minute, 30 cents for outgoing texts, unlimited incoming texts. I have until the end of December to get some kind of satisfaction from Fido so I'm putting this out there today. For those of you who do have higher balances like mine, complain to the CCTS. Alternatively though, Fido can get themselves out of such a jam by offering to compensate me with a refund of my amount exceeding $150 or to allow me to buy just about any product I choose to and to either use some or all of my balance or to pay a little extra if the item price exceeds what I have at the time in my prepaid account. I believe that the CCTS WILL be in contact with me prior to December 31, 2018 and it is time that Fido start taking this very seriously. You can set any cap you wish with new prepaid customers but even though I kept topping off my account each month as I should, during the past year NOT ONCE did you send me a text message advising of the pending cap, NOT ONCE did you send me an email even though I've had the same email account for the whole 5 years I've been using the prepaid account. Fido did in fact sometimes send emails about the option for me to extend for a whole year by taking $100 from my account but for all those emails or texts, not once did any ever include the information about the pending $150 cap.It was approximately 2 months ago that I was finally told this by a CSR in the Philippines and he too actually agreed that this was definitely NOT fair to longtime faithful users of Fido. I do not feel that I should be forced to cut down my balance or have it at risk of the theft from Fido that will occur so IF you wish to compensate me as to or by the examples above, I'll next be leaving your company and you can also read in future posts elsewhere what I post about this dishonest tactic Fido has indulged in. My Facebook account for one, many other blogs also whereby anyone who cares to read about it, will see the hypocrisy from Fido. You've set a cap amount of $150? What reasons can you provide for capping any customers at such an amount? Perhaps many of us wish to bank hundreds of dollars more andthen one day go hog wild with data usage that will in fact eat it up. P.S. the CCTS has been advised that NOT ONCE did Fido message me or email me about that pending cap so they will in fact be asking for your proof that you contacted me and had you done so a year ago as some of the forum advisors suggest to others, I would NOT have continued to bank dollars monthly but would have used it up and be done with you. I do have service (postpaid) with another provider (12 years with them now) but purchased the prepaid one 5 years ago for just a joke and then decided to keep it going, basically because I felt like it and can afford a paltry $10/month. Others have built up their balances as well and again, it really shouldn't or doesn't concern anyone why we all chose to do so, now should it?


Hello Oggiedoggie,


  The Prepaid balance cap was a business decision. It is not tenable for any company to maintain large balances on behalf of customers. They can't use the monies to improve infrastructure or invest in other areas, yet they remain liable for it. All that money needs to remain solvent, just in case customers decide to use the money. They're not banks. They don't make money by holding onto your money.


  You might not like the changes made, but they are free to make their business decisions. You cannot expect them to keep the same business plan as 5 years ago. You're not on contract. They informed their customers (I'm aware you contest that fact). They provided a timeline. They provided options.



@oggiedoggie wrote:...For about 1 year I would occasionally contact customer service when I would change my number "ONLINE" and for free as stated in Fido's terms. Amazingly soon after that change was made via online self-service, yep, $35 came out of my balance. This actually happened 4 times in total and twice I was given additional credit of $35 in addition to the 4 refunds of the $35 they stole from me. Not once did any CSR ever advise that Fido successfully fixed that problem so one can easily see that even though on the website one is advised "free to change it yourself but we'll charge you if you require our help." ...

  If you remember, it was previously mentioned to you that the free number change was for postpaid accounts -- unless it was because you moved outside your LCA (see here).




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I'm always amused that the Fido "moderator" type is WRONG when it comes to what they assume is factual. First oof (and pay real close attention to the year mentioned), I had to actually visit a Fido Kiosk in a mall in late 2014 to argue about a $35 charge when I did an ONLINE number change on a Wednesday, had the $35 deducted with an hour, noticed it Friday afternoon and had to actually go to that little outlet in person. Then had to wait for the Fido rep I had called FROM HOME prior to my trip to the mall, to call me on my phone, then hand it over to the kiosk salesperson who in turn, advised that "yes, I was there in person and no, their kiosk did NOT conduct a number change for me on the Wednesday." Confused or clueless? Ya see Bubba, when I contacted Fido at 611, their latest example of a clueless individual for customer support advised "it appears that you requested a number change in person at that location at such and such a time." to prove that this was NOT the case, I was advised that I'd have to attend in person so that the Kiosk person could verify in some way that I had not done so. I guess the part where the salesperson advised "I was working at the time Fido says this number was changed at our little outlet and I remember someone else changing theirs but that person, WAS NOT YOU!" You should get your facts correct since we're talking 4 years ago and yep, they even posted online in the terms for PREPAID ACCOUNTS, that one was free to change their number anytime they wanted. There wasn't even a limit for how many times that could be done in a month for example but now there is-either 4 or 5 times is allowed and that IS noted in the terms online. I'm done with you though since you seem to have a hard time grasping the fact that those answering the phone at Fido Support, failed to advise me of policy change(s) for quite a long time and you're explanation for Fido cutting the allowable credit limit for prepaid is moot. They allow $150 for the cap but for those who have $149.99 and use up 10 a month and refill each month, Fido's making a ton of money off them too??? I find that quite hilarious

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Hey @oggiedoggie


This doesn't sound like the kind of experience we would want for any of our customers. We would hate to see you go and I would like to take a closer look into your account to review options with you. 


I'll send you a PM right away!