Prepaid account credit card rejected rejected rejected

Prepaid account credit card rejected rejected rejected

Prepaid account credit card rejected rejected rejected

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Prepaid account credit card rejected rejected rejected

Prepaid service by credit card originally registered to Fido account about 3 years ago.

Card expired. New transactions rejected, of course.


New card issued with updated expiry date. Same card number and account.

Same big card company issued through Canadian chartered bank. No changes from card end.


Couldn't update card information on-line.

Have made multiple attmepts to update via telephone assistant who is very patient but has not been able to resolve the condition.

We have made a couple attempts to revise the Fido Account information since the card is issued to myself against my business bank account (e.g. First+last name, first+middle+last name, company name). The invoice address has never been altered and matches the information displayed under MyAccount online. Perhaps there is some obscure variance like the space in the Postal Code that the Fido system is not parsing identically to the card account.

The script that she reads informs me that I may need to adjust my expectations.


I note that, after the current iteration, the credit card is still not registered on-line.


Card is in current use, including recent online purchases using identical information avaiable to Fido. Card issuing company reports NO issues with the account.


This became an issue about 6 months ago. I call about once a month. The customer service rep was kind enough to credit my account with CDN$20.00 for my time as a goodwill gesture.


I have offered to send Fido a PDF of a credit card statement, with all irrelevent personal information redacted, to ensure that they have the correct account information for coordination with the credit card but, Fido is not interested.


I note that others have reported similar issues in these forums over several years. It appears that, either by policy or by process, this has not been resolved to the benefit of prepaid credit card customers. Feels like bait and switch.


Does Fido have an internal consumer Ombudsman, that is not the front-line call centre representative? Is there a Canadian (government mandated?) Ombudsman that accepts feedback related to a licensed service providers? Perhaps this is a CRTC kind of thing. Perhaps Fido can provide these anwers so that I don't spend more time looking.


Can Fido can fix this for me? It may take response at a higher level than the call-centre.





Hey @SBX and welcome to the Community Smiley


Your feedback is appreciated.

And I'm sorry to see that this situation with your credit card is still not resolved yet.


It's important to know that the information on your credit card needs to be identical to the information on your Fido account.

I'm sending you a PM now to check this out with you.


Talk to you soon Smiley








I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

It worked before. All that changed was the expiry date.


How can we figure out if the information matches or not? I have spelled the names and addresses several times, now. The information displayed in MyAccount is identical to the to the address on my credit card statement. Perhaps there is a misplaced comma in Fido records but I have to believe that the programmers have got that level of parsing resolved.


Any other on-line facility that I have used seems capable of verifying/validating payments with this credit card within seconds, not days. AND I can make adjustments to my account on-line for simple edits like revised expiry dates.


Is there an internal Fido Ombudsman?

Is there a public Ombudsman for regulated services?

Only asking because I'm not seeing a new path to resolution, yet.


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Hi @SBX!


Did you find a resolution?


Don't hesitate to reply to the last PM we've sent you. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

So, what I have been told is that, since this credit card account is a business account card issued in my personal name, that it cannot be registered, despite the fact that I can conveniently make payments for other ongoing services using the same card. In other words, this is not a credit card issue but the result of Fido's internal procedures or processes which prevent the direct use of Fido prepaid accounts on registered credit cards.


Now this raises some questions, since I have been very forward about the conditions of this credit card account with every communication with Fido:

1) Was this policy in place whe Fido originally registered this business based credit card for my account perhaps 3 years ago or more, and

2) When did Fido change their policy about business based credit cards, and

3) Is it correct to say that Fido does not want to do B2B business with prepaid accounts, and

4) Are all other Fido account holders, who use their phones regularly for business, paying the business expense with a personal credit card, and

5) Will Fido be informing their customer service representatives and retail distributors to turn down B2B credit card accounts on first inquiry? As I mentioned before, this feels like bait and switch (Set up my account, allow a period for the telephone numbers to become embedded into my connections and then force a transition to an alternate account).


Sadly, at this point, these questions are rhetorical for my situation. I am sorry to hear that this is Fido's postion. Singly, I represent a small account to Fido but small business owners represent a large demographic. I suspect that the financial results have already been projected by Fido, internally, and I am forced to find a service that will work with my requirements.


Thanks for the responses. I will adjust my expectations.

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Hey SBX!


We're looking into this but we're going to need to confirm some information with you. 


I'll be sending you a PM shortly so we can continue. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

So, as nobody at Fido wanted to give it up to make my efforts easier:

Ombudsman-like connections

Internal: Office of the President (Rogers Communicaations)

External: Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) or CRTC directly.

There is a flow-chart for the dispute resolution process at Rogers if you dig deeply enough.

Have a nice day.