Premium Voicemail-To-Text problem...

Premium Voicemail-To-Text problem...

Premium Voicemail-To-Text problem...

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Premium Voicemail-To-Text problem...



I just recently added a second device/plan (Galaxy S7 Edge) to my account. 


Along with it, I have the value pack which includes Premium Voicemail-To-Text.


However, the Premium Voicemail-To-Text does not seem to be Premium... whenever someone leaves a voicemail, I get a text message, but it is just a basic text "Voice msg total:5 (0 urg.)" the very same message as is seen on my other phone which does not have the value pack.


I have been told that perhaps the voicemail is still on "mini mail" and as such, the voicemail needs to be reset.


What do you think?


Appreciate it.




@readytorock What probably happened is when the agent added the value pack they did not remove the mini mail you can call customer service and ask them to remove the old voicemail and reset your voicemail and it should work or a moderator here can PM you and do it for you.

Hi @readytorock


I'll take a closer look at your account to make sure you have the right feature!

Just sent you a PM!



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mine is doing the same thing...can you help me too?