Poor reception in West Vancouver, BC-Upper Levels Highway

Poor reception in West Vancouver, BC-Upper Levels Highway

Poor reception in West Vancouver, BC-Upper Levels Highway

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Poor reception in West Vancouver, BC-Upper Levels Highway

Hello , I was told by your representative that this is the place to post a major concern. Every day I travel on Upper Levels Highway in West Vancouver, BC. Between around 15th Street and Cypress Bowl exit, I keep losing calls; the person I am speaking to can't hear me (while I hear them), or the reception is intermittent. Today my phone showed that just E was available, i.e. no bars. I have an Iphone 6S, so it not the phone that is the problem. I suspect a lack of cell tower coverage. Can anyone respond to this and either see if something is broken with your transmission or if you need to increase the range around that area? It is such a busy highway so I assume I am not the only one who experiences these problems. Thanks for a response, please. 



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  Judging by this screen capture, there does seem to be areas along the highway which are not covered by Rogers towers.

Upper Level Highway

Taken from here. I cannot vouch for accuracy.


  If you are a post-paid plan user, you may avail of Fido's Extended coverage. With roaming turned on, you would connect to some of the others' towers as Fido-EXT with no additional charge. That said, cellular reception might still be spotty because towers -- regardless of provider -- in the area are rather sparse.


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Many thanks for the advice. From the map it is clear that Rogers would need another tower in this area. I will try the roaming on feature to see if that can pick up the Telus tower. Many thanks.

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It's not the place to post a major concern but we're definitely all here to help you out , Fido moderators and the Community Smiley . The Community is a place for peers to help , I just wanted to clarify that!


Now, let's look into what's going on with this. You're losing reception every time at the same exact location? Does it happen for a long period of time? Do you know if other users are having the same issue? 



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Hi FidoRanya,

I wouldn't have found this community area unless your Fido representative told me on the phone that she could not report my network issue and that I needed to go to the Community forum! So communication seems a bit odd. Where should I post issues about lack of coverages? Can you please guide me?

And to answer your questions, as I am in a car each time (this is a highway) I am losing reception each time and have to call back later. When I try to call while I am in this area, the person I am calling cannot hear me. So this is definately an issue for Rogers/Fido, as everyone must experience the same problem en route. I believe the person who responded showing a map of towers just explained why this happens. A lack of coverage by Rogers. I will try the extended service, but as explained in your web site, I will drop the call when I get to the extended area. Definately something for Rogers/ Fido to consider to improve as this route is getting busier for every day. Thanks.

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