Poor Customer Service - Blackberry 9300 Curve

Poor Customer Service - Blackberry 9300 Curve

Poor Customer Service - Blackberry 9300 Curve

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Poor Customer Service - Blackberry 9300 Curve


I recently upgraded to BB 9300 Curve (Dec 6 2011) from Fido.  About 4 months ago I started having issues with the battery - specically after fully charged it drains out in a few hours (without being used, no browsing or voice calls)


Since then I have 

- Called customer service, who asked me to visit the Fido store at Yorkdale

- Yorkdale store told me their system was down and to visit again. I had explained what the problem was.

- Returned to the Yorkdale Fido Kiosk and was advised that this time, the system was up and running, but before sending the phone back to have the battery looked into, I should back up my contacts on the phone. I tool the advice and returned.

- Finally, made time out to return to the kiost at yorkdale a third time - only to be told that Fido does not cover battery replacement for BlackBerrys, I have to email RIM directly?!!??

- Called customer service and was told Fido does cover battery replacement since my phone is under 1 year and covered by manufacturers warranty.

-Since I have already spent countless horus on the phone over this and in person at the mall, I decided to call the Yorkdale store first before going in person,and was told, as earlier, that I have to contact RIM.


The service at Yorkdale has been less than satisfactory, but that is a different issue.


I am hoping that maybe someone on this forum can confirm if they have had similar issues (in regards to getting the battery replaced under warranty), and what the next steps should be. 






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Hi Dodi, you should not be having those issues with your battery on the Blackberry curve. They get pretty phenomenal durations of charge. I had a 9780 and could squeak out 3 days without charging. That sounds like either a faulty battery or you have an app on the phone that keeps checking in, ie: social media, weather apps, etc. I am thinking that you may want to private message one of the mods on here and ask for their help. OR use the online live chat on fido and have it resolved in real time. The chat with an agent works very well. Also, once you get this resolved, check to see if your phone software is up to date. If there are updates, then that can improve a lot of performance issues. cheers and good luck

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