Please help is anyone available?

Please help is anyone available?

Please help is anyone available?

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Please help is anyone available?

Can anyone call, text or pm me? 

I would like to make some changes to my plan. Have called 87 times with busy signal, got threw 3 times and disconnected and went in person to the local Fido with the manager and store systems are down. 



Thanks for helping out @ksa3 Smiley


@Streetrossi, are you still looking to change your plan? 

Yes I still need help please and thank you @FidoStephane if you can PM me that would be great 

PM on the way! Smiley

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Can you PM me too i need to talk to someone from fido have been trying all day over 80 calls.

Sure thing @Meganhaley, I'll send you a PM right now Smiley

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@FidoStephane I was promised a PM but never recieved one!

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I need help too.

I was even turned away at a Fido store yesterday and told to call customer service because my current plan is over $60, so they said they couldn't switch plans in the store.  Finally got through, was on hold for an hour, and then disconnected.  Then it kept saying to try again later, and now it says the office is closed.  The live chat is not working either, and I want to switch my plan!!

Please help!

Fidomaria responded to a post of mine today, and then never got back to me.  She asked if I still needed help, I said yes, and then nothing..

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If your changes aren't in rush, i.e., not the $60/10GB plan, then you better wait a few days. But I am assuming that's the plan you want and the changes you want to make? Unfortunately it's just been crazy. Apparently the promo is valid until tomorrow so I would call first thing in the morning. That's how I was able to get in after a 45 minute wait.