Pixel 2 xl reservation status

Pixel 2 xl reservation status

Pixel 2 xl reservation status

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Pixel 2 xl reservation status

Hi Fido,


Received a message on October 24th that i will receive the pixel 2 xl phone as early as november 15th. After that no update. Online status shows open with position in line as 25. Any updates?



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Re: Pixel 2 xl reservation status

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Hey @Pranesh, thanks for reaching out Smiley 


Here is the list of status that you can see online for your reservation:


  • Open: The phone is reserved.
  • In Progress: We’re currently processing the order.
  • Shipped: The phone is on its way to the chosen store.
  • Cancelled: The reservation is cancelled.


If it shows **OPEN** then the phone is reserved but not processed yet.


As soon as it's available, you will get  a call from the store for the pick up.


Hope this helps.



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I'm currently #2 for a Pixel 2 XL 65gb Black&White. Hopefully Fido will receive new shipment this week.  

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#11 for Panda Black/White 128gb. Still in Reserved status.


anyone else got theirs shipped? Will i be able to use Fido dollars towards an outright purchase?


Also it seems like Google home mini is only for 2-year plan renewals. Shame, since Google offers it regardless.

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No, the google home mini was not for the 2 year plan alone. It was with the pre order regardless. I had confirmed this with multiple fido stores before pre ordering because I wanted to buy it outright. If we do not recieve our minis it simply means Fido has cheated us.

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Honestly i'm not sure what's true anymore. I called Fido and apparently it's only for new 2-year renewal contracts for the "free google home mini". However it looks like some reps say it's free aslong as you reserved it before the Nov 14th date?


Currently right now, Google is offering FREE home mini regardless.. Why is there such a big confusion with Fido?


#10 for XL PANDA 128GB. RESERVED STATUS. moved 1 up in line after 2 weeks.

Hey there @083063!


The Google Home Mini offer applies to Google Pixel 2 phones reserved before October 18th, and Google Pixel XL 2 phones ordered before November 14th. Keep in mind a 2 year agreement is needed to benefit from the offer.


We do have an update if you did not receive the Google Home Mini! If you ordered a Google Pixel XL 2, and the store did not have the mini, then we will ship it to you separately.


If you were doing a hardware upgrade, it will ship in 1-2 weeks. If it was a new activation, then it will ship in 2-3 weeks.


Hope this clears it all up!

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when you pick up your Pixel phone, please take to your rep. about Google Home Mini. You should have a reference number and code under your account. 

My rep. said it doesn't come in the package, but they should get it for you from their store's stock supply. I have to go back to the store and argue with them this weekend. So much hassel to deal with Fido regarding the whole Pixel 2 XL reservation thing. Very disappointed how they handle the whole reservation system. 

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I have a Pixel 2 XL 128 GB Black reserved at position 11 and it has not moved. I was on Rogers site this morning and noticed you could get this same phone right now so how come Rogers has stock but not Fido? 

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Hey @083063


Welcome to the Community! 


If you still have FidoDOLLARs on your account, the best thing to do at this point would be to contact us once you've completed the upgrade in stores and we'll check out the rest with you. Smiley  



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got mine on wednesday for black and white 128GB

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Congrats. You got the Google home mini along with the phone? Is the Android version updated to 8.1 to get the saturation option

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yup the Google Home mini was there with the phone

November update of 8.0 had 3 color options: natural, boost, and saturated

I might be the odd one and think natural looks fine since all my other computer screens are calibrated for sRGB

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Oh wow. That's fantastic......
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Mine also the status changed to "in progress". Thanks FIDO.

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Mine is also in progress now. Hopefully that means I get my phone soon Smiley

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my status is still "shipped"  and theres a ups tracking number

the phone arrived on nov 14 morning but i have yet to receive any call from fido


i checked at a fido store nearby and they said they are not launching today and asked me to wait for their call

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I just went to store again to check what’s happening to my phone.  


I was was told that the phone launched on Wednesday !!  And everyone receive the call from Fido ( except me??). 


Then I asked the lady to process the payment.. then she said Fidos system is down and I have to come back next week to get the phone


My family have been with Fido for years and I finally wanna to switch carrier.  

Hey @kits013!


We'd hate to see you go! The Pixel 2 XL is proving to be a very popular device, and we're doing our best to get it into the hands of every customer that reserved it as quickly as possible!


When you check the status of your reservation on Fido.ca, what does it show?



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Status shows shipped since Tuesday and received by Ivan in Oakridge store.  ( shown from ups tracking)


I was there the next day and the representative asked me to wait for the call... 


no call received, I went again this Sunday and was told that my phone ( with my name on it) Is here and available since Wednesday and I should have received call from Fido.  


When I asked what happen, no apology had been make by the staff, all I got is a reply of “I don’t know”.  


I thought I could just process the payment and drive home.  However, they said the system is down and I have to come back the next day.  




Hey @kits013


Thanks for reaching out.


We appreciate the feedback. We would like to take more details on what happened at the store. 


You getting a good experience is really important to us.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon !!



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Do you know how long shipping will be from the time the UPS shipping label is created? 

I have been given a UPS tracking number since last Friday, but only stated that the shipping label has been created. No information given on when the phone is shipped or not.

In the meanwhile, Fido send me an email stating that they will hold the phone at the store until November 25. How can I pick up my phone if the phone is not even shipped today (November 20)? Fido, please coordinate your shipping properly.