Pictures by MMS

Pictures by MMS

Pictures by MMS

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Pictures by MMS

When I send a picture by MMS to my wife it is incredibly slow for her to download. We are both on Fido and she has a Samsung S4 that is able to connect LTE speeds. She commented that it is often slow for her to get pictures via MMS. I just did a test with a 654KB picture and it took close to a minute to download through the messaging app. Downloading apps through the play store works fine over the data. 

Any ideas? 





Hey @bobbing and welcome to the Community.

It shouldn't take that long to download a picture.


Can you guys try without the LTE to see if she gets a different result?


@Community : Anyone has any ideas about this?



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Tried all the other network speeds and got the same results.




Hi there @bobbing


Thanks for testing that out! Just a few more questions here Smiley


When you send out a picture to her number, how many bars appear at the top of your phone? (Beside LTE)


Also, can you tell me if you're both using Fido phones?


(Or are they unlocked non-fido devices?)


Thanks again for keeping us posted!

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I have no problems sending or recieveing on my unlocked Asus phone.

My wifes phone (Samsung S4) is locked to Rogers/Fido .

We do not use anitvirus or system utlilities on our Android phones.


BTW this problem happens with anyone she recieves photos from by MMS.

Her phone will often have full bars you can see that up/down arrows are hardly active when transferring data from MMS.


She recently changed her plan and it seems to be happening ever since. Her plan specs are the same just $10 cheaper a month. 500MB data plan.


Does she need a new SIM card?

I am going to test the sims cards bewtween our phones this weekend. 

Testing out the SIM cards is a great idea Smiley This might help you figure out if the issue is related to the SIM card, or the phone itself. 


Let me know how that goes!

@bobbing do you have any antivirus apps installed on the phone? 

@bobbing I get the opposite problem sending is really slow, do the test again and look at the status bar and see if the LTE drops and how many bars you get when trying to download the MMS.